Poncho in the summer? Yes you can!

Poncho in the summer?  Yes you can!

Who knew that ponchos would become an essential item in my closet? Yeah, after Austin I’m wearing several models in many looks – mainly travel ? In addition to being a third piece not obvious, I love the different prints!
I used this production on a super busy day in Provence – we even broke into a castle! It was hot, but as we spent a lot of time outside the hotel, nothing better than taking a piece a little warmer for the night.
As I said, the poncho print made all the difference in the most basic look I was wearing. The colorful flowers and butterflies also helped to make the piece look more summery, more alive!
The fabric was also much thinner than the ponchos I used in Iceland, for example. I found this model an excellent option for the winter in Brazil – by the way, it is great for São Paulo that changes its temperature every 2 hours, haha ​​?
Big, bulky glasses also help bring more life to production. I can’t let go of this model by Céline, which mixes animal print with a more closed blue; I think it’s super modern!
Underneath I was wearing a super cute little dress from Canal. It looks a lot like a skirt and blouse, right? I love this modeling with the marked waist! Furthermore, this dress is very versatile: you can wear it with a sneaker and put together a production that looks like summer, but it also looks great with black pantyhose and boots in the cold!
As a complement, I chose this black backpack with studs from C&A. The backpacks are perfect for looks with a sporty footprint and, above all, are excellent accessories for travel. This model is a super wildcard!
Do I need to talk about white sneakers? You have seen me a thousand times with similar models, but I can’t get enough. These shoes fit like a glove in all looks and, even more, make the look more casual and stylish! How can you not fall in love?
The look was feminine, but still with a street / sports feel that I’m loving to wear!
Did you also enjoy the production?

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  3. Tennis | Adidas
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  5. Glasses | Céline
  6. Jewels | Marisa Clermann

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