Ponto Napê: What is it?

Ponto Napê: What is it?

Who has heard about this napé stitch and did not understand very well what it is? Despite all the doubts and the complicated name, it is actually quite simple.
First of all, one must know that this technique is applied to creams. To make a good icing cream, for example, it is essential to understand the correct point and the right time to remove the mixture from the heat.
Now, let’s go to the explanation. While preparing the cream, cover the back of a spoon with the cream. As soon as it spreads across the surface of this rounded part of the tool, run your finger right in the middle. If the edges of the cream do not move and form a corridor, it means that the napé stitch it was achieved! Basically, this “path” made by your finger in the middle of the cream on the spoon needs to remain intact. See how easy it is?

Ponto Napê: What is it?

Icing cream recipe

Usually, I realize that the point is right when the tiny air bubbles start to disappear from the cream. As they disappear, it is getting thicker and thicker. Another way to know the sweet spot is by measuring the temperature. In that case, you will need a culinary thermometer. On average, the cream should be between 80ºC and 82ºC.
To put that knowledge into practice and show that you know what the napé stitch, how about making a passion fruit mousse cake or the traditional crème patissière?

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