Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Sun, heat, water, bright colors, refreshing meals … You can’t deny that everyone likes a beautiful pool party, right? I confess that very few times I participated in a traditional pool party, but why not enjoy this summer? Maybe you’re still enjoying the last few days on the beach, planning a trip at the carnival or even having a pool at home – no matter what, I hope you have at least one day at the pool this summer!
Why not use the occasion to prepare a colorful party and, of course, full of delights? To inspire you in this project, I decided to share some simple decorating tips that can transform the environment! Shall we go to them?


There’s no simpler tip than that, right? Choose a “palette” for your party and buy balloons to compose the decoration. They can just float in the water ?

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

Also, how about using some more ornaments and mounting an arch on the wall giving all the prominence to the food table? I Love!

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: we share ideas


Another very simple tip that brings all the charm and warmth to the poolside is to use cushions and sarongs to create a special atmosphere.

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Sugar and Charm

You can spread several of these items on the balcony and also leave some trays and stools as a support for food and drinks.

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: 100 layer cake


Any tropical decoration needs little plants, doesn’t it? To get a little out of the obvious and not just make arrangements in vases, how about decorating small bows? The decor is delicate, but still full of colors!

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Get some ideas (Tumblr)

Another idea is to use large sheets on tables instead of towels and simple placemats ?

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Ruffled Blog


There’s nothing more summer than fresh berries, right? At least I can’t resist a piece of watermelon, pineapple or cold grapes at this time of year!

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Brit.co

You can either spread pieces of fruit to give color to the tables or use the whole fruit (or an imitation) to decorate other corners. Pineapple is always a good option.

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Wedding chicks


Drinks that come in bottles, like beers and soft drinks, can be served in a much more rustic and interesting way: in buckets with ice.

Pool Party: Decorating Ideas

Photo: Simply White

Ice cream / chup chup / sacolés can also be exposed in this way ? To make everything more special, how about betting on ices decorated with fruits, flowers and plants? It is a grace!
There are plenty of good tips to prepare an incredible pool party, right? Of course, I would have to do another post with just delicious food ideas for this occasion! For now, you can get inspired by the post with delicious savory snacks and the decoration of a tropical table ?

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