Popbar – NY

Popbar - NY

The seasons have changed, everything has changed.
One of the joys of living in a Nordic country is, without a doubt, experiencing the changing seasons. In Bahia, where I grew up and lived my first 22 years of life, we can say that the seasons are divided into “same summer” and “mild summer”. Which makes me incredibly delighted with the arrival of the snow, as well as when it melts, giving space to the flowers; summer coming with all its heat, but also leaving with a cold wind. And this is the moment I’m in: at the beginning of autumn, saying goodbye to summer.
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd2
And for that reason I decided to freshen up a little as a way to say goodbye to this season so homesick. So I started a journey after ‘o’ ice cream. Among so many and so many options, I came across an innovation for Americans so common to us Brazilians: the popsicle. Or as Popbar defines it: gelato on a stick – “gelato on a stick”.
This franchise, present in several countries in the world, offers a 100% handmade product, made with fresh and natural ingredients – without preservatives or dyes. And it is certainly these factors that make this gelato so special. They are still differentiated into three types based on their composition: PopGelatos, which are the traditional Italian chickens, in popsicle version, PopSorbetto, 100% fruit and, finally, YogurtPops produced with yogurt.
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd4popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd5
Popbar’s innovation is not just about toothpicks. The customization of your popsicle and the big attraction: chocolate or / and nuts? grated coconut or granulated? For just $ 1, we can add as many covers as we can fit our imaginations. They are divided between chocolates: dark chocolate, milk, white, bitter caramel and bitter mint. And the toppings: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, grated coconut, chocolate sprinkles, caramel flakes or waffles. My choice, for example, was the PopSorbetto “mixed berry” ($ 3.49), which is a combination of red fruit and white chocolate icing.
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd3
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd6popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd7popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd9
But there are also some options already customized, like the Banana ice cream with milk chocolate ($ 3.99), which I also tried. It is very worthwhile to cool off with these delicious popsicles. The red fruit one did not fail to deceive that it was 100% fruit and with white chocolate it was a super harmonious combination!
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd10popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd11
Does anyone accept a last piece? Oops, melted! Now just going on 5 Carmine St. at West Village and if you try pistachio, tell me what you think!
popbar-itineraries-gastronomical-ny-mia-bezerra-picole-ice cream-gelato-ickfd8

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