Post Vacation Hair Care
Post vacation hair care

Post Vacation Hair Care

The body suffers a lot from sun exposure for many days. In addition to taking care of the skin, we must not forget that the hair also suffers a lot of damage in this holiday season. Sun, salt and chlorine destroy and dry the hair too much and that is why we need to pay more attention to the hair when we return from travel!

Intensive treatment


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Look for treatments in the salon to recover the strands from damage caused by the sun, salt and chlorine. Usually a cauterization is the best solution, but it all depends on the type of hair and how damaged it is. It may be that your hairdresser suggests sealing or just heavier hydration!



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Moisturizing is essential, both at home and a beautiful and powerful hydration in the salon. Use specific products for that time of year or those reconstruction creams to replenish the nutrients that the hair has lost in the last days, weeks or even months.



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Guys, it doesn’t hurt to cut those dry spots. Also, how about taking advantage of the trip to the hairdresser to renew the look? The medium and short hair is super high and you don’t have to be afraid of playing the trend. And it is not just because it is in fashion that you need to cut it, it is beautiful and much more practical to take care of in the coming summers.



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It is super important to protect your hair from the heat, either from the sun, the dryer or the flat iron! Use and abuse the leave-in and hair protectors, it is very worth the investment. Try to use less dryer and make your hair look more natural at that time, so the strands are more hydrated.
Ah, another cool tip is not to wash it every day, because water doesn’t do that well for hair. Washing always dries the hair even more, you know?

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