Powdered chocolate or gold in PMS?

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Do you know what a person crazed with chocolate is? So if you multiply by 1000, it’s me. ? These days I bought the chocolate powder from Chocolat Du Jour with bits of dark chocolate and you can be sure that this is already one of my hits for those cold days when you just want a duvet, a little film and of course… a hot chocolate !! !! Ahhhh .. and if you have PMS I advise mixing a bonus in all this: the spoons of dark or milk chocolate (I prefer the bitter one), which you can put in the hot milk and mix while the chocolate in the spoon melts, or if you are just like me (impatient and desperate), let it melt just a little bit and nibble on a few pieces… hummmm !!!! Chocolate-shaped happiness !!!
You can still mix the chocolate powder in the hot milk or in the hot water if you can stand being lighter after all this ? and you still have a beautiful little pot at home and when you finish, just buy the refill and refill it !!! I COULD KILL FOR CHOCOLAT DU JOUR, and you, too?
Chocolat du Jour is located at 1672 Haddock Lobo Street, or at Iguatemi and Cidade Jardim Malls.
PHOTOS: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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