practical fireplaces for any décor

practical fireplaces for any décor

Cozy environments full of personality are always welcome. I’m sure these two characteristics are important in your home, as well as in mine. Taking advantage of the beginning of winter, why not go after references and ideas for beautiful and practical fireplaces?

Photo – The Ultra Linx

Today, I think very few people choose a traditional wood-burning fireplace. In addition to the work to ascend, the wood makes the most dirt and to have it, a good chimney is necessary, isn’t it?
Thankfully, technology has arrived with everything and currently there are wonderful options for any type of space. Models that work with ethanol, for example, are very practical. There are several pieces with wheels, perfect to use to take to any room in the house ?

Photos – Portal Casa, Geek Chic Brasil and Haus Decoração

Another type of fireplace that has been successful in the past is gas. The cooking gas itself works on some models and, therefore, it is relatively easy to install the part. These fireplaces are usually built into the wall or the floor and the décor is the greatest charm!

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