Practical Utensils

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We have separated some very practical utensils that make a difference when it comes to having fun in the kitchen. Try to choose a favorite and comment here in the post to let us know!
There are many corn on a cob. Whoever gushes them first … He will be a much happier person because he will not be agonizing with those little pieces between his teeth. Look at this invention, how cool! Just place the ear in the center and press down, so the corns fall into the container and are safe. It was developed by Amco Houseworks, an award-winning and creative food brand that has existed since 1970. You can buy this beauty here.
This other one is really cool, too. A strawberry slicer that leaves the pieces symmetrical and makes it easy to decorate a dessert, or even assemble a fruit salad. It’s on sale at Amazon.
Who has never thought of this before? Perfect for making that bread with fatty egg! Hahah It looks cute, it fits perfectly in the slice and I bet the kids will love it. It’s from Joie !, a brand that produces beautiful and practical utensils. You can find it here.
This spatula is excellent. The photo says it all, it doesn’t even need explanations, except that it has a flexible silicone cable and is very resistant to heat. And because it is stainless steel, it does not absorb smells and flavors. On sale at Fancy.
So, which one did you like the most?

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