Practicality in the kitchen!
Practicality in the kitchen

Practicality in the kitchen!

Do you know when decoration helps with organization? As a good Virgo, I love to combine business with pleasure and create a beautiful decor that makes my life easier – especially when it comes to cooking!
Using criticism when organizing utensils is essential to make the kitchen more practical. Spatulas together, jars, stacked plates … And look, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money, okay?
I built my pallet wall myself and it was super cheap. In addition, jars, bowls and jars can help you collect smaller items!

kitchen-at-hand-practicality-danielle-noce-1 Photos – Findings of Decoration, The French Inspided Room, Depot Santa Mariah, Dear Lillie, Recycle and Decorate and Heather Bullard

Magazines are also great fruit trees, see? Using boxes, like me, or betting on furniture and shelves can be a good thing! I selected some pieces that will help you a lot in this organization:

  1. Collector 55 | R $ 30.00
  2. Free Market | R $ 69.90
  3. Tom and Sophie | R $ 40.90
  4. Valentina’s house | R $ 1,409.73
  5. However Decor | R $ 381.65

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