Prague Castle: The largest in the world!

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!

Some places in the world make us feel like a grain of sand that is so small and full of history. THE Prague Castle it is exactly like that. With more than 70 thousand square meters, each corner of this immensity holds a memory.
The space was founded in the 9th century by Prince Bořivoj, who chose to build the castle / fort near a hill in order to see his enemies from a higher region. Nowadays it functions as the home of the President of the Czech Republic and is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Prague. Surreal to think that someone lives there?
And despite receiving the name of castle, the place functions as a
great complex with several other buildings, from churches to houses and art galleries. We have selected the most amazing places there for you to put on your travel wishlist!

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!
AN Charles Bridge it is the most important bridge and one of the busiest in plague. Until 1841, it was the only access to the castle. That is, anyone who wanted to cross the city would have to go through it!
In addition to being essential for locomotion of personnel, the bridge also has 15 statues on each side. Each one deserves a photo, and as a bonus you get a view of the Moldava River.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!
Prague Castle: The largest in the world!
AN S. Vitus Cathedral it is definitely the most imposing and grandiose construction of the castle. For you to have an idea, it was more than 600 years of construction – interspersed with periods of war and plagues.
The place is full of details both inside and outside, with the
stained glass wonderful that transform the environment. It’s so big, but so big, that you can’t even see everything and appreciate all the details. It is worth starting the script for her to get to know it very calmly!

Golden Lane

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!

Photo: Felix Mittermeier

Close to the Cathedral is Golden Lane – a small alley with houses where people who worked in the castle lived. They are colorful, short and super small, almost like small cubicles. Some very famous names have also lived there, such as the writer Franz Kfka!
Nowadays some of the houses have been transformed into small shops, but others serve as an exhibition space for period clothing and objects. It is very interesting, especially for those who are curious to know how people lived and what they worked with.

Old royal palace

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!
Since we’re talking about castles, we couldn’t help but put a palace on that list, right? THE Old Royal Palace it is one of the oldest buildings in Prague Castle, dating from 1135. Inside it you can visit corridors, some rooms and even other buildings – all in a Gothic and Renaissance style full of details.
One of the most visited spaces there is the Vladislav Hall, which is the widest medieval corridor in the city. This area, even though it is open to visitation, still receives celebrations and hosts some events throughout the year. Another positive point of going to this part of the complex is the wonderful view of the city ❤️

St. George’s Basilica

Prague Castle: The largest in the world!

Photo: @vicioushearts

Have you ever imagined knowing a 920 church? That was the year in which the St. George’s Basilica Was built! Although it is not the most beautiful building in the complex, it keeps a lot of history and has its own charm. The windows, for example, are the same from the 12th century until today, with the addition of an 18th century Baroque chapel.
It is worth taking advantage of this part of the tour to try some typical Prague food! Usually they organize a type of fair with several food stalls, perfect for those who want to spend little and eat well ?
So, did you already know that the largest castle in the world was in Prague?

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