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Hi! It is with great joy that I come here to announce the pre-sale of the sweetest book in Brazil. Stuffed with recipes to make anyone smile and see the world in a happier way, “Por Uma Vida Mais Doce”, written by Dani Noce, is now available for you to buy and as soon as it comes out of the oven (ops, from the printing company !), will be specially delivered to you. Okay, but what kind of recipes will they have in the book? In addition to the sweets that rocked here on the internet, you will be delighted with over 170 exclusive recipes for brigadeiro, cake, pie, ice cream, biscuit, filling, icing, pancake, savory snacks and, yay! Soooo much more. And as in I Could Kill For Dessert you learn everything with many tips and images, it is clear that each recipe will come with a very special photo, with the foodstyling of our collaborator Fran Oliveira and photography by Helena Peixoto. Take a look at the cover, what a love: book-ickfd-dani-noce That alone makes you itch all over to get the book, I know, but expect more: there are several interactions and surprises on each of the pages, illustrated by Beatriz Sanches.

You can click on here or on here to buy Dani’s book.


ICKFD for a sweeter life!

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