Preferred luminaire and pendant styles

Preferred luminaire and pendant styles

I am passionate about lighting. Pendants and lamps leave the house with a touch of personality! In addition to the countless options we have, we can personalize the environment with chandeliers made by ourselves or even a mix of unusual styles.
Want to see just what my favorites are?

Gypsy or Modern


Photos – Pinterest

The two styles I like the most are gypsy – very boho and casual – and modern – usually with more sober metal and colors. Your choice will depend on the type of decoration you want in the environment: cozy, minimalist, cool, vintage, cool … Everything has to fit in the best way.



Photo 1 – Super Lemon / Photo 2 – Boligcious

The colorful and rich details are very fun. Super fun, they can compose a neutral environment or those very cool.



Photo 1 – Lemon in the Water / Photo 2 – My dining room

I am suspected! The lamp pendant is minimalist, cool and sophisticated. I have it in my living room (photo 2). You can choose neutral – the footprint is more industrial – or colorful – in my house, for example, it was super delicate and feminine.

Floor lamp


Photo 1 – Apartment Therapy / Photo 2 – Casa Atelier

The floor lamps are super charming. They look great near the armchair or sofa, in the office and even in the bedroom. As they are targeted, they provide a great light for reading, working, writing …

Little mix


Photo 1 – Mango with Pepper / Photo 2 – High heels and bottles

Still don’t know your style? How about a nice mix? The combination of different elements gives a lot of personality to the environment, escapes the obvious and is a charm. You can make the line more modern using colored pieces or leave the environment super sophisticated with chandeliers and crystal pendants.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

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