Premier Bar House

Premier Bar House

This is one of the best rated bars in New York and Paulo and I ended our day with a few good drinks there.

Photo – Vidra Eats Team

Arriving at the place you see this sign written “Oyster Bar” and a tiny light green door and you are thinking, am I in the right place?

Photo – Heart of Tea

I walk through this door and find an incredible bar all made of U-shaped marble. The mixologists are very well dressed with suspenders and their cloths very well positioned on the side of the male accessory. Good music playing and ready! It’s decided. This is where we will spend our late night.

Photo – Liz Clayman

We ordered two drinks, which took a while to arrive, but it was worth every point of the wait.

Photo – The Passion

A redhead sitting next to me read an unpretentiously book while drinking a drink with an orchid decorating and still braiding her hair in the middle of all the confusion at the bar. This one certainly wasn’t there just for the drinks.
All the rest of the people around the U were also super cool and without prey for the night to end.
Behind the bar there is actually an oyster bar, but I had already had dinner and stayed only for drinks. In the background there is an external area that was already closed, but it is worth returning to enjoy a little there, as it is very beautiful. And for bathroom aficionados like me, this one is amazing and deserves to be on pinterest.
Ahhh I can’t forget the absinthe letter! She is incredible, too bad I have a complicated story of mine that happened in Berlin with this fairy of kkkk drinks!

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