Premiere of the week: The Hated Eight

Premiere of the week: The Hated Eight

(LR) QUENTIN TARANTINO directs KURT RUSSELL, JENNIFER JASON LEIGH and TIM ROTH on the set of THE HATEFUL EIGHT.  Photo: Andrew Cooper, SMPSP © 2015 The Weinstein Company.  All rights reserved.

Picture – Andrew Cooper, SMPSP

Today comes the eighth film directed by Tarantino! Everyone knows very well what it is about when we talk about the director: a lot of blood! Despite the typical violence, the film brings good actors and promises to be successful in the first month of the year – I myself am dying to watch.

Photo – Disclosure

The eight main characters have a slightly bloody past and meet in a warehouse to spend the blizzard night. Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a highly sought-after prisoner and is one of the “guests”. Actually Daisy was picked up by John Kurt (Kurt Russell) who intends to deliver her the next morning for a reward. Samuel L. Jackson plays another bounty hunter, Marquis Warren, and looks for another “treasure”.
The 3-hour film explores several “types”: the cawboy, the black, the prisoner, the sheriff… Of course, everything ends with fights and that spectacular production by Tarantino. Ah, still not convinced? Channing Tatum makes a point in the feature!

I’m sure the director’s fans are already rushing to buy the ticket!

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