Preparation Tips

When we are photographing someone, our challenge is to make the person photographed relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. With food, luckily (unless you like the most rare things and your food speaks), we don’t have to worry about that. But our challenge is not that different. To photograph food is to make that dish comfortable not only for the eyes, but also for the taste of the beholder.
Several times when we go researching about foodstyling, we find that there are several strange tricks to make the food more beautiful in the photo, some that make everything impossible to eat in the end. If, like me, your goal is not to make that happen, there are other things that we can look forward to when preparing and assembling that will have very positive effects as well.
One of them is to always photograph your dish very fresh. So it’s good to plan your photos before you even start cooking, and record everything as soon as it’s ready. With luck, you can even capture the vaporzinho, if it is a cake just out of the oven.
Always looking for the best ingredients, besides making everything taste better, it also makes everything more beautiful. Carry with you the information of when the new fruits arrive at the municipal market, and in which store they sell the reddest raspberries. Keeping in touch with suppliers always brings advantages (and the most beautiful products). Let everyone know that you like to photograph what you cook.
foodstyling-no-preparation-ickfdphoto: Better Homes and Gardens
Working on the composition of the elements and being careful when placing the main character is the last and most relevant tip of today’s post. Not all cookies come out the same and beautiful in the oven (sometimes something mysterious happens with some of them in the oven), but the magic of photography is that we can pretend that it is. So we chose the most beautiful ones, put them in the best angle, and left the most unfocused tortillas adding volume in the background.
cookies-foodstyling-catia-farias-ickfd2cookies-foodstyling-catia-farias-ickfdcookies-foodstyling-catia-farias-ickfd3In these cookies from today’s post I followed this recipe from Fran, but I replaced the macadamia nuts and the strawberry drops with chocolate drops. Cuisine, creativity and photography always complement each other. ?

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