Products for those who love tea!

Products for those who love tea!

Who is also in love with teas? It doesn’t matter if you like the hot or cold drink, there is always a perfect version for you – for me, there are several!
Although I like a cup of coffee now and then, I’m that tea person, you know? I love experimenting with new flavors and making unusual mixes with the ones I have at home.

And isn’t it that having a cup of tea at the end of the day is almost like a ritual? I always like to use a nice cup, put on a pijirinha and enjoy the drink.

If you are like me, I am sure you will love this selection of products ideal for enjoying this long-awaited moment of the day! Aah, some pieces are also great gifts ?
Products for those who love tea!

1- Collector 55 | R $ 59.00
2- Havan | R $ 59.99
3- Camicado | R $ 39.95
4- Etna | R $ 15.99
5- Storehouse Home Decor (kit with 3 pieces) | R $ 105.00
6- Mobly | R $ 81.99
7- Collector 55 | R $ 195.00
8- Spring Car | R $ 81.95
9- Muma. | R $ 80.00
10- American | R $ 7.90

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