Products to keep lips hydrated

Products to keep lips hydrated

I confess to you that I’m not a big fan of ultra-colored lipsticks – a pink, nude and red classic are more than enough for my style.
However, if there’s one thing that bothers me too much, it’s the dry mouth. Especially in winter, this little problem can cause a lot of discomfort and as I am traveling to a very cold destination, I decided to share with you some product tips that I love to take with me.


Products to keep lips hydrated

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Look, hydrant is that little product that I don’t save in quantity and that goes for any area of ​​the body, okay? On the lips, I always look for options with sun protection for the day to day and, when I go to a very cold place, I also like to invest in a more power and regenerating option at night.


Products to keep lips hydrated

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In the wave of multipurpose products, I love colored balms. The first one that I tried was Dior’s, which is wonderful and gives that “air of health”, you know? But if you have a product that you can easily find in pharmacies and cosmetics stores, this is it!
In addition to giving a light color (which I love), it moisturizes and some even have sun protection – almost a BB Cream for the lips, haha ​​?


Products to keep lips hydrated

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It may seem like a joke, but yes, lip scrubs make a difference. I like to use the product mainly when I’m going to apply a darker lipstick and I want to avoid those “little hairs” ?


Of course, these products won’t solve anything if you don’t get hydrated, okay? But as I know you like product tips, I came to share my favorites!
Products to keep lips hydrated
1- Nuxe Paris Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturizer at Época Cosméticos – R $ 49.80
2- Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil Balm at Época Cosméticos – R $ 129.00
3- Dior Addict Lip Glow Balm Lip Balm at The Beauty Box – R $ 159.00
4- La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lip Repair at Onofre Drugstore – R $ 28.90
5- Bye Lip Regenerator, Who Said Skin, Berenice? at The Beauty Box – R $ 33.90
6- Natura SPF 60 Lip Moisturizer – R $ 14.25
7- BeneBalm benefits from Sephora – R $ 99.00
8- Bepantol Derma Lip Regenerator at Onofre Drugstore – R $ 34.90
9- Balmda Clinique Intense Hydrating Chubby Stick Lipstick at The Beauty Box – R $ 79.00
10- Granado Lipstick – R $ 21.50

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