Products to Use After Makeup

Products to Use After Makeup

There is nothing worse than leaving home with a wonderful make-up and, in a few hours, she starts to “melt”, right? In addition to products that promise high durability and fastening, many people have been looking for specific fasteners.

Products to Use After Makeup

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I myself have been using this type of product more and more and, look, there is no lack of options! I’ll talk a little more about each one and for sure you will surely find one that fits your lifestyle and skin type ?


The lightest and most delicate products are the special waters for this region. Be it thermal water or beauty water, this type of product moisturizes the skin and helps make the make more natural.
It seems that after passing the water, the makeup fits better on the skin, you know? This is the type of product I always use on a daily basis and the best thing is that you can pass it on whenever you want!


In addition to using the product in the pre-makeup moment, in the makeup brushes and sponges, the finishing mists hold the makeup even more than the thermal waters.
The products are light, they do not hydrate like the other “waters”, but they also help to settle the makeup. If you are looking for an option that really fixes makeup very well and still leaves a natural look, you have no better alternative.


Now, if you prefer extremely high durability and don’t care so much about hydration, aerosol sprays are excellent alternatives. In general, this type of product is good for those who have more oily skin or want make-up to last many hours – in the case of parties, for example.


This product has become more and more popular and that’s why there are plenty of great options on the market! They have products for all tastes and pockets, but if you don’t know where to start, I made a super-complete selection with 10 suggestions! I hope you like it and leave even more indications in the comments ?
Products to Use After Makeup
1- Mist & Fix (30 ml) by Make Up Forever at Sephora – R $ 58,00
2- MAC Prep + Prime Fix + (100 ml) – R $ 120.00
3- La Roche-Posay Thermal Water (50 ml) at Drogaria São Paulo – R $ 54.35
4- Urban Decay Cold Makeup Brush (120 ml) at Sephora – R $ 134.00
5- Caudalie Beauty Water (30 ml) at Sephora – R $ 79.00
6- Vichy Eau Thermale (50 ml) at Época Cosméticos – R $ 49.90
7- Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox (116 ml) at Sephora – R $ 179.00
8- Finishing mist from Marina Smith (120 ml) at Sephora – R $ 62.00
9- Eudora Fix Divine Makeup Fixing Spray (75 ml) at The Beauty Box – R $ 50.99
10- Eau Thermale by Avène (50 ml) at Época Cosméticos – R $ 42.90

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