Promotion Rules I Could Kill For Dessert and Julice Boulangère

Cultural Contest
This Contest is promoted by I Could Kill For Dessert and the responsibility for delivering the prize is Julice Boulangère.
Participation is open from 07/23/2013 to 07/27/2013 at 6 pm.
Eligibility of Participants.
The Contest is valid only for inhabitants of São Paulo Capital, as the prize must be collected by the winner at Julice Boulangère’s store, which is located at Deputy Lacerda Franco, number 536, in São Paulo and is open to any interested party.
Participation in the Contest
To participate, the interested party must:
– Be subscribed to the Youtube Channel of Cozinha Bossa & Malagueta
– Be subscribed to the Julice Boulangère fanpage
– Leave a comment on the video of Papaya’s Brûlée Recipe containing the words CAFÉ DA MORHÃ and the acronym ICKFD. The 5 (five) most voted comments will be judged and 1 (one) of them will be chosen, by the ICKFD and Julice Boulangère commission, the winner!
– As soon as you pick up the product, the winner must send a photo on the I Could Kill For Dessert fanpage, having their wonderful Breakfast at Julice Boulangère for promotion.
Contest Judgment
The contest will be judged based on the positive and negative vote of the users themselves on the YouTube platform and ratified by the committee of I Could Kill For Dessert and Julice Boulangère, whose decisions will be sovereign and unappealable.
I Could Kill For Dessert will contact the winning Participant through a digital message, which will be sent via a private message from YouTube. Through this message, I Could Kill For Dessert will request the personal data of the winner and his / her email address, for contact and arrangements for delivery of the prize. If the winner does not respond to our contact by 7/29/2013 at 6 pm, he will lose the prize and another participant will be chosen.
The winner will also be announced on the I Could Kill For Dessert fanpage and in a post on the I Could Kill For Dessert website after receiving the prize and sending the photo to the participant.
Can I be disqualified? Yes, if the data is missing, for example: incomplete name, not a fan of ICKFD or Julice Boulangère fanpages, is not subscribed to the CBM YouTube channel, leave offensive or prejudiced comments and if your profile is only for draws.
– The winner will be awarded: 1 (one) incredible Breakfast for two people (the winner and their companion) at Julice Boulangère. SPECIAL KIT: three options of bread, butter, croissant, cold cuts, house jam, 1/2 papaya, mini quiche, macaron, baby bel cheese, slice of cake, orange juice and cappuccino.
– In addition, Julice Boulangère will present the winner with a Mustache Kit, in honor of Mustache In the Kitchen.

– The prize must be tasted by the winner at Julice Boulangère, located at Rua Deputado Lacerda Franco, number 536, in São Paulo – Capital.
– The prize will wait for the winner until 08/23/2013 at 11 am. If the winner does not appear by the present date, the prize will be automatically canceled.
– The winner, himself, must attend the place indicated above and carry his identity document for the withdrawal of the prize.
General provisions
The simple participation of the interested party implies full knowledge and acceptance of this regulation, as well as its terms and conditions.
Upon receiving the award, the contemplated participant will accept it unconditionally, exonerating the Promoter and / or third parties involved in this contest from any future liability or obligation including, but not limited to, losses, injury to property or property, injury or personal injury, death and physical injuries, injuries that are caused wholly or partially, directly or indirectly, by participation in any activity related to this contest, or receipt, possession and use of the prize.
The Promoter, at its sole discretion, at any time, if deemed necessary, may change the rules contained in this regulation, as well as replace any of the announced prizes with others of equal value, by publicly communicating such changes in the Contest link.
The Promoter may interrupt the Contest at any time if force majeure so requires.
If the contest or publication of the winner (s) is interrupted or suspended on the promotional site due to problems with access to the Internet, hackers, viruses, maintenance, power outages, software or hardware failures, problems with the servers or providers of the internet user or the promoting company, by decision of the Promoter or due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, no indemnity or compensation shall be due to the contest participants and / or to any affected third parties. The Promoter will use its best efforts to proceed with the contest as soon as the system has been regularized, safeguarding, however, the possibility of definitive cancellation in the event that there is total impossibility of data recovery. In this case, the participants will be notified by e-mail and it will not be applicable, likewise, compensation and / or indemnity of any kind.
Assignment of Rights.
When registering to participate in this contest, under the terms of this regulation, the participant will be automatically authorizing, from now on and by full right, expressly and irrevocably and irreversibly:
The free and free use of any burden or charge of your name, your image and your voice in photos, files and / or digital media or not, or in any type of media and / or promotional pieces, including on television, radio, newspaper , posters, banners, billboards and on the Internet, in the national territory, for the wide dissemination of the award winning and / or the winning content related to the Contest.
The use, as well as the assignment of all property rights in relation to the winning content, including, but not limited to, the rights to exhibit, publish, reproduce, store and / or in any other way use it, free of charge and without any remuneration, burden or charge, and these rights may be exercised in any type of media and / or promotional pieces, including television, radio, newspaper, posters, banners, billboards and on the Internet, for the wide dissemination of the winning content of this contest and / or its further development, under the terms of Law 9.610 / 98 (Copyright Law).
The authorizations described above do not mean, imply or result in any disclosure or payment obligation, and the winner (s) also agree to sign any receipts and instruments in this regard and for this purpose, whenever requested by the company prosecutor.
All participants declare that their sentences are original. In the event of plagiarism of any kind, the Promoter will not be responsible for the participant’s act, being responsible for any damage or damage to third parties, responding fully and exclusively, in addition to being disqualified from the contest and consequently losing the right to compete for the prizes.
Participants in the cultural contest, including the winner, assume full and exclusive responsibility with respect to any and all possible claims by third parties who feel harmed by their participation in the contest or by the assignment of copyright over their phrases, these rights being granted free and clear of any and all burdens or restrictions.
Participants shall exempt the Promoter from any and all liability with respect to the violation of copyright and / or related rights, being obliged to defend it from any charges, extrajudicial and / or judicial measures, with prior approval, regarding defense strategies and regarding the convenience and opportunity to conclude agreements. Alternatively, the Promoter may choose to conduct its defense directly, at the Participant’s expense.
The participant may not claim, under any circumstances, that any brand, logo or identification sign has been created and / or modified for his benefit, or require any title or ownership right, and the use of any brand and / or symbol of the promoting company will be restricted to the conditions stipulated in this contest.
The doubts not provided for in this regulation will be judged by a committee composed of members of the Promoter, whose decisions will be sovereign and unappealable.
São Paulo, May 31, 2013

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