Protect Yourself from the Rain: Waterproof Jackets and Covers

Protect Yourself from the Rain: Waterproof Jackets and Covers

Who never left home without an umbrella on that stormy day? I’ve lost count of how many times it happened to me, but can I confess? I really find umbrella an impractical item. Big models are the best, but I never have one myself because I rarely go out with a big bag and whenever I take it in my hand I end up forgetting it somewhere.
It is for these and other reasons that raincoats are my best allies, especially when traveling, when I need to keep my hands free.

Protect Yourself from the Rain: Waterproof Jackets and Covers

Complete look 1 | Complete look 2

Longer covers, with hoods and wide, are my favorite options. This is because you can put several layers of clothing underneath if necessary. In Brazil, I confess that I have some difficulty in finding models of this type. At Zara it is possible to find some good options (the one in the first photo is from there), but other than that it is necessary to research a lot – relax that at the end of the post I left several alternatives.
Another cool item, this one easier to find here, are waterproof jackets. Although they usually appear in shorter versions, they are lighter and ideal for our climate. As the rains usually come after a very hot day, nobody deserves to use a super heavy piece, right? The jackets of this type always go in my bags for the beach, for example.

Protect Yourself from the Rain: Waterproof Jackets and Covers

Complete look

And look, if you think that raincoats are pieces that will ruin your look, it’s because you haven’t seen these references yet ? You need to think about the production as a whole and not just add the cover to a look that’s nothing to do. That is why neutral models are always very welcome at this time.

But if you prefer colorful and patterned covers just think about using them over a more neutral look. I think I like this style more, see? A patterned or colored model already makes the look and you don’t need to be thinking about a composition made from underneath.

For the more daring it is worth investing in the transparent models that are super fashionistas. There are colorless versions, but the pieces with a light touch of color, details in the seams and even holographic finishing are the most striking.


Despite being on the rise, it is not so easy to find affordable options in Brazilian e-commerce. Farfetch is where you find the most options, but the price is really higher. Of course, I went after finding options of the most varied prices and arrived in this selection of 10 pieces for all tastes and pockets ?
Protect Yourself from the Rain: Waterproof Jackets and Covers
1- Adidas Originals Windbreaker Jacket at Dafiti – R $ 329.99
2- Camouflage Jacket with Hood at Renner – R $ 139.90
3- Forum’s Navy Blue Mooring Parka in Dafiti – R $ 959.57
4- Shop2gether Under Armor Jacket – R $ 248.90
5- Hi-Tech Jacket at Dafiti – R $ 248.99
6- Parka Jacket with Hood at Renner – R $ 239.90
7- Cori Nylon Jacket at OQVestir – R $ 599.00
8- Andrea Marques Eucalyptus Cover at Farfetch – R $ 775.00
9- Printed Jacket with Hood at Renner – R $ 119.90
10- Modelaria’s Red Raincoat – R $ 169.00

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