Protects & Hydrates: Thermal and Beauty Water
Protects hydrates thermal and beauty water

Protects & Hydrates: Thermal and Beauty Water

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the amount of beauty posts here on the site or my instagram stories, but I really love skin products. In addition to makeup and face masks, I really enjoy testing skin cosmetics! The age gets closer and we get more and more attached to these “miracles in the pot”, haha ​​?
In addition to facial soap and a good moisturizer, there is another product that is never missing from my beauty routine: thermal water. Well, I need to confess that I love this item so much that I currently use some variants like “beauty water”. This product category has been on the rise for some years and I think it fits a lot in my routine, because it is a light product that refreshes and moisturizes without leaving the skin oily.

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But if you still don’t know what it is and think thermal water is cool, I’ll tell you why I like the product so much. The original thermal waters are rich in minerals that help to protect our skin. We already produce these essential minerals, but with exposure to the sun, wind, pollution and countless other external factors, we end up “losing” a good part of this natural skin barrier.
The thermal water comes to replenish these assets and still has some components that soothe and calm sensitive and irritated skin. The product is light, but works to protect and soften the skin on a daily basis. It can be used before makeup and sunscreen, afterwards to help fix the make-up and can also be reapplied several times a day to assist in hydration. Aah, not to mention the delicious freshness sensation that the product provides ?

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As you may already know, only your dermatologist will be able to indicate the best product for your skin. However, I also decided to make a list with 5 products that fit this category, but that have different characteristics between them. In addition to indicating “simple” thermal waters, I included Eau de Beauté options and even a serum enriched with mineralizing thermal water.

1- La Roche-Posay Thermal Water
One of the most famous thermal waters is that of La Roche-Posay. I chose to talk about it because it is the one I use the most, however, there are other brands with very similar products on the market such as Vichy and Avène with very similar formulas and values. If you haven’t tried any of these products, I recommend starting with it ?
2- Caudalíe Beauty Water
Caudalíe’s “beauty water” has become one of my favorite products recently. Although it does not contain all the minerals that the other waters mentioned so far, I feel that this product hydrates even more and the best part is that it minimizes pores. I always use it before makeup and I swear it’s not cool, it makes a big difference!
3- Anna Pegova Beauty Water
Despite the name, it is different from the Caudalíe beauty water and is much more for an enhanced thermal water. In addition to minerals, the formula is enriched with green tea and lotus flower, two powerful antioxidants.

4- Vichy Mineral 89

This light serum has the main ingredient in the composition of thermal water and that’s why it entered the short list. In addition to the 15 minerals, the product contains hyaluronic acid in the composition that helps a lot to hydrate the skin for a long time. The best? The “water / gel” texture works on oily, mixed and dry skin because it moisturizes, but leaves nothing sticky or oily.

5- Adcos Aqua Pro.Bio

Although not a thermal water per se, Aqua Pro.Bio also has actives that protect, strengthen and hydrate the skin. I think you can even consider a moisturizer very lightly in spray, because its formula contains hyaluronic acid that helps in hydration, prebiotic that helps in protection, ectoin that brightens and allantoin that softens and “soothes” the skin. Phew, it’s quite a thing, right?

Do you know another product in this style? I would love to know, so be sure to put your indication here in the comments!

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