Pull through now! New year’s resolutions: These tips will make it work!

Pull through now!  New year's resolutions: These tips will make it work!

New Year’s Eve is the ideal time to make new year’s resolutions. With suitable content and motivation, it is possible to stick to the resolutions.

New year – time for good resolutions. Maybe you are one of those people who set new goals year after year. The majority of Germans do it – well over 60 percent. Good resolutions are made quickly, but can they always be kept? You can easily implement the following ten New Year’s resolutions:

1. More sport and exercise

Experts advise exercising at least three times a week. But you can go step by step. To keep up with this resolution, start by walking briskly for 15 minutes three times a week. And on specific days, for example Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Then you can increase your program and, for example, start running.

2. Reduce stress

Less hectic is a very sensible and good resolution. Your health will thank you. Stress often begins in the head and is a symptom of high expectations of yourself and others, but conflicts and constant time pressure also cause stress. In order to practice serenity and to integrate it into your everyday life without relapse, learn a relaxation technique. Yoga, for example, is great for relaxing.

3. Family time

In order to stick to this resolution, you need a strategy. For example, put your cell phone away for a few hours in order to have full attention for your loved ones or do without a TV evening or inconsequential activities. A family day can also be helpful.

4. More time for yourself

Are you always there when you are needed? Regardless of whether you are friends, your partner or the children – as soon as they register needs, do you feel you have an obligation? Psychologists know how important free time and time for oneself are in order to stay in balance. If more time is your resolution for the new year, then the best thing to do is to make a fixed appointment once a week that cannot be negotiated.

5. Lose weight

Similar to exercising, you have to take small steps to lose weight in order to stick to this resolution. Nutrition experts recommend slow weight loss anyway. For example, you can set yourself a deadline until the end of March: Until then, your goal is to weigh two pounds less. Adjust your diet and cut down on sweets or avoid nibbles while watching TV.

6. Healthy eating

Do you know that? Again and again small sins in between, a piece of chocolate here, potato chips there – and the bad conscience always eats with you. A good resolution can be to eat a piece of fruit at least once a day, to prepare seasonal vegetables or to have a meatless day more often. Even there you can hold out much easier if you change small things.

7. Obtain green electricity

Nuclear power is dangerous, coal power is dirty. Green electricity is a great alternative and not that expensive. With this good resolution you are doing the environment and your conscience a favor and it is very easy to implement. Simply change the electricity provider!

8. Reduce plastic

Pay close attention to how much plastic you use or consume each day. Plastics are now a global problem, why not make a resolution for the New Year out of it and do without it more and more? You can start by stopping buying plastic water bottles, opting for glass or switching to tap water.

9. Throw away less food

Every German citizen throws away an average of 80 kilograms of food. Maybe you want less of it to end up in the trash in 2018. A little discipline is necessary to keep up these resolutions for the New Year. Only buy what you really use. And check your remaining stocks in the fridge and pantry before you go to the store.

10. Smoke less

A classic among the good intentions: smoke less or no more. But how often do smokers fail? How can this resolve be kept? Here, too, the secret lies in small steps. Don’t set yourself too high goals; instead, wean yourself slowly. Reduce your consumption very gently every day, for example by one or two cigarettes. Instead of taking a smoking break, chew some gum or make a list of what you can do instead.

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Reset on New Year’s Eve: Good resolutions make sense

At the start of the new year, we start again from scratch – the ideal time for good resolutions. Perhaps you have already noticed yourself that you rarely deal so intensively with the events of the past few months at any other time. Formulating new goals now can make sense and help to stick to good resolutions. In any case, be lenient and gentle on yourself and heed the following rules so that you stay motivated in your projects:

  • Set small goals for yourself

  • Formulate your goals specifically

  • Reward yourself in between

  • Find allies

  • Do not let it get you

  • Make your plans public

  • Get started early

  • Don’t make too many good resolutions, one is enough

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