Pupillas and the Project for the New Mustache in the Kitchen!

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Mariana Degani and Verônica Alves are old friends of mine. Yes, I can say that we are old, we are already in our 30s and with a huge baggage of loves, disappointments, illusions, joys, happiness and experiences. We met when we attended the Santa Marcelina Fashion College together. All 3 were always very competent and passionate about what they did. We got along very well in college and continued the process of life without fashion in our ways. Of course, it will never cease to permeate our imagination and influence us in each drawing made and each candy created, after all, everything remains in the aesthetic and creative field.
We split up at the end of college and each went their own way, always watching each other’s work. Mari and Vero got together and united strength and creativity to create Pupillas, a pair (both of them, of course; D) of illustrators who want to make the world happier and more colorful with their beautiful and lysergic illustrations. They have already “pupiled” several walls and walls in Brazil and abroad; they have already had two exhibitions, including one at Circo Voador and now they have opened a ready-to-wear store with their inspiring works.
For the new season of Mustache in the Kitchen that we will start recording later this year, they illustrated a wall with chalk chalk and made several magnetized mustaches to play with Paulo’s face.
The MA-RA-VI-LHO-SO process and result you come here.
And visit the girls website to learn more about their work, which is very beautiful !! http://www.pupillas.com
mustache pupillas 4
mustache pupillas 7
mustache pupillas 6
mustache pupillas 8
mustache pupillas 2
mustache pupillas1
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