Pure Food and Wine Restaurant - NY
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Pure Food and Wine Restaurant – NY

Candy, this post is for you dear.
I mentioned before that here in NY we find everything, especially in the gastronomy area. A few days ago, my friend who lives in Dubai was passing through and we decided to celebrate our reunion with lunch. As she is vegan, I decided to make a reservation for a restaurant that has been the Spot of the moment here: the Pure Food and Wine. A restaurant that besides Vegan, serves only raw food. That’s right. We call it raw vegan here.
Interesting choice for a sunny day like summer. Pure Food and Wine opened its doors in 2004 and is the pioneer in this category. Located near Union Square, where a fair of local and / or organic products happens almost daily, it has an unusual and full of flavors menu, free of processed ingredients. The wine list only has organic, biodynamic or simply produced within a sustainable chain. They also have a juice and shakes bar, all made with organic ingredients and separated according to the type of press.
pure food and wine
The recipes are also gluten free and have no milk or milk derivatives.
Curious, isn’t it? For these and others, it is worth the experience.
I made a reservation for 1:30 pm and even though it was a Wednesday, the Backyard was full of customers. This is very characteristic of countries that have well-defined seasons: winter is so harsh that any sunny or warmer day people choose to eat outside.
pure food and wine2
As we sat down at the table, the super friendly waiter welcomed us with a smile, brought us glasses of filtered water and the menu-divided into starters, main course, desserts, juices and shakes. The three of us chose the pre-posted menu: for US $ 30.00 per person, it consists of a starter, a main course and dessert. Apart, I ordered a beet juice, ginger, pear and pineapple. I also tried Ju’s banana cacao shake. A delight!! Full of life … lol … I was able to taste the chocolate and the banana very distinctly.
In the meantime, I chose the Mediterranean salad, composed of cabbage, arugula, black olives, tomatoes, macadamia pesto with pumpkin seed and balsamic vinegar. Ufa! How many ingredients, right? I thought I would not finish typing… lol.
The Portion of salad was gigantic! For a moment I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it! And macadamia pesto really brings balance to the sour taste of raw leaves combined with tomatoes and balsamic.
For my main course, I chose Zucchini lasagna: very thin zucchini layers, soaked in olive oil, interspersed with macadamia pesto with pumpkin seed (again… rs), basil pesto, dried tomatoes pesto and fleshy slices of tomato. Tasty but “heavy”. The surprise was with the zucchini, as I had never thought of eating it raw. As for the pestos, all three had very intense flavors and the tomato, despite being sweet, was totally dominated by them. I also tried the ceasar salad, served with the same macadamia pesto and nori seaweed in the lemon sauce and the brown croquettes with seaweed, served with tartar sauce – made without preserves or mayonnaise – and sweet pepper sauce. Interesting…
pure food and wine3
Finally, each of us ordered a different dessert and I was happy because I really wanted to taste all the desserts on the menu (since they do not take any dairy products, sugar or eggs). I can say that the desserts, taking into account the limitation not only of ingredients but also of methods of preparation, probably satisfy those who follow a raw-vegan diet but for this poor thing here, who lives in the world of sweets, breathes sweet and literally “could kill for dessert” was an ok experience, no big deal.
The three chosen were: tiramisu, mallomar (pecan cookie wrapped in chocolate with vanilla cream) and lemon bar. The tiramisu was ok. The mallomar was the tastiest of the three and the lemon bar with coconut and almond crust was so sour but so sour that I couldn’t finish it.
pure food and wine4
Apart from the gastronomic experience, given the talk about it in the media and the positive opinion of critics from Forbes Magazine and NY Magazine, it is super common to come across artists and celebrities here. On our lunch day, David Duchovny, the protagonist of the extinct X-Files series and confusion-causing Lindsay Lohan, was having lunch there.
The tip is that regardless of the power line you have, it is worth the experience. If you are a raw vegan then, I am sure you will not be disappointed.
I just need to warn you not to think that because it is raw and vegetable-based, this meal will make you feel hungry half an hour later. Lie. I finished lunch at 3 pm and I couldn’t eat any more (that’s right) until the next morning. The amount of oilseeds (macadamia) was enormous and the caloric value is also great. Another thing (Bombom speaks better on this subject): raw food, depending on the ingredient, becomes a little more difficult to digest, as the cooking process (for certain foods) releases nutrients that are not fully bioavailable when still raw. Anyway, it is incredible to know that there is a restaurant like this here and that the possibilities and choices are practically endless.
Eat a meal like this and explore your body’s connection to living food. You will find new possibilities and new flavors. Life is made of it !!
If you want to know more information, stop by the website. Go there: www.oneluckyduck.com

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