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Put an end to slow wifi

Put an end to slow WiFi

Do you remember the golden age of slow wifi? Could we go brush our teeth while the cousins’ vacation photo, sent by email, slowly opened, pixel by pixel? If this situation now makes us smile, it does not make us nostalgic. Indeed, we are more than intolerant of a slowdown in our connection. However, it is not always easy to work clustered around the box and the network is not evenly distributed throughout the house … Even in a small apartment by the way … Because yes, it is our case. Finally, it was!

The end of slow wifi at home

I live in Paris in a building with optical fiber. Because of our jobs and the fact that we work a lot from home, we have chosen a rather “powerful” package with Orange. At the show, the loading speed is impressive. I collect high definition image banks to enhance my articles in seconds. But I am also on the move. So, I can’t stand staying in the living room all day to work. Also, sometimes I have to make quiet phone calls. So I isolate myself in the room but I also have to consult the internet simultaneously. – When I am with a client, for example -. The handicap is also important for the Disney + sessions in bed !! And there this is it was the drama.

I explain to you. I live in a small Parisian apartment but the bedroom is located opposite the living room and two load-bearing walls separate them. So the wifi signal is very weak in this room, even though my apartment is relatively small. Then, on our terrace, it is almost non-existent. So, a few weeks ago, I switched my phone to 4G and I created a hotspot to be able to work in the sun.

But all this is solved …

Indeed, after identifying my problem – I will explain how to do it below – I installed a Magic 1 WiFi mini. We forget the WIFI waves that do not pass the concrete screeds and unsightly cables. And we enjoy high speed everywhere and at any time.

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how to stop slow wifi Devolo Magic 1 wifi mini

WIFI slow at home? Here are the steps to understand what is going on and come to grips with it!

First, you need to determine the source of the problem. To do this, test the speed of your WIFI in the different rooms of the house. You therefore start from the room where your box is installed to end up in the garden or in your teleworking space installed in the attic for example.

  • Test the speed your connection in the room where the box is located by going to this site
  • Compare the result with the offer to which you have subscribed with your operator.
  • If this is not satisfactory, approach the latter to discuss it
  • If speed is right for you in this room, move upstairs, on the patio, or even down in the attic. So go to all the rooms where you are likely to need internet and test again its speed.
  • If the latter gradually deteriorates you need, like me, a relay. The Devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini kit plays this role perfectly, in all elegance and at a low price.
  • You will then need to plug the first adapter into an electrical outlet and connect it to your box via the Ethernet cable provided. The second adapter will be plugged into the room of your choice. And everything communicates together without any additional handling or installation. But above all, you will find in this new room all the power of your WiFi.
slow wifi review Devolo Magic 1 mini relay installation solution

The Devolo Magic 1 Mini kit is very complete and can be installed in the blink of an eye. It is on sale here.

Why did I choose the Devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini

I couldn’t have liked this slow wifi! So, I looked for a simple and effective solution so that the WIFI waves finally pass these two load-bearing walls. Of course I didn’t want to make any aesthetic concessions. That is why it was out of the question to run a fiber optic cable along my doors and baseboards.

This is how I discovered Devolo which offered a solution to convert electric current into WiFi. And everything obviously takes place between my walls away from my eyes!

I chose the Magic 1 Wifi mini pack because its design makes it particularly elegant and discreet. I even had fun hiding it behind a Mondrian home-made!

On the installation side, the good experience continued. Indeed, after plugging in your adapters in the desired rooms and connecting one to your box, the Magic connect themselves and are ready to use.

It’s your turn ! Finally watch Netflix in your room, enjoy the tranquility of the living room when each child is browsing from their room and then telecommute in the garden!

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