Quick effect Lose weight and detoxify with the Schroth cure

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The “Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure” is a diet that has been practiced for 200 years. It should detoxify and purify your body. You can find out here how you can lose weight with the Schroth cure and whether it is suitable for you.

In Oberstaufen, Bavaria, there are many health resorts that offer a Schroth cure for weight loss. The Schroth cure has a long tradition here and was developed in this region by Johann Schroth.

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What is the Schroth cure and how does it work?

According to a report by the online health portal “netdoktor.de”, should A Schroth cure detoxifies your body by fasting in a certain way and in this way also helps you lose weight. The special thing about a Schroth cure is that three dry days alternate with two large and two small drinking days.

  • A small drinking day consists of half a liter of liquid, preferably tea or juice

  • A large drinking day consists of a liter of tea, water or juice

  • A dry day consists of a glass of fruit juice with a juniper schnapps and a glass of tea

Patients who take a Schroth cure to lose weight and detox usually go to a special health clinic where this diet is carried out for one or even several weeks under the supervision of doctors.

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The positive effect of a Schroth cure on your body

Through the special diet during a Schroth cure, your body is detoxified and purged, in combination with sweating, because the dry days draw waste products from your blood and water from your body. These substances are then washed out of your body by the excess water that occurs during drinking days. It does this through your skin and kidneys.

According to Johann Schroth, juniper schnapps is also said to have a dehydrating effect, so it is administered during a Schroth cure. A side effect of dehydration with the Schroth cure is weight loss. On average, patients lose up to ten percent of their weight after a three-week Schroth cure.

By the way, you don’t have to do without solid food during a Schroth cure. With this type of fasting you get very low-calorie food that is practically salt-free. It consists, for example, of steamed or boiled vegetables that are seasoned with herbs.

As the online magazine “freundin.de” reports, the effect of a Schroth cure is also good for your intestines. Because various pollutants and metabolic residues are excreted through it and it is less stressed by eating in the form of vegetables, rice and semolina than with a raw food diet.

The “Stiftung Warentest” criticizes in an analysis, however, that far too few calories are consumed with this diet. A yo-yo effect is preprogrammed. The fluid intake is also too low on dry days.

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