Quick remedy No sport at all: thinner legs thanks to this trick

Quick remedy No sport at all: thinner legs thanks to this trick

As the temperature rises, one part of the body becomes more present: legs. Most of all, they should be smooth, slim and shiny. At least that is the vision we have in mind. Unfortunately, nature likes to thwart our plans. Swollen legs are not a rare phenomenon, especially in summer temperatures and office work. This trick provides a quick remedy – without any workout.

Swollen legs are not uncommon, especially among people with office jobs. Sitting a lot in combination with summer temperatures can cause the unsightly effect.

The lymph is responsible

The lymph is responsible for this: a milky liquid that actually does a very good and important task for our body. It flows through the so-called lymphatic system and cleans our body in this way. Bacteria and Co. are rendered harmless and excess fluid is removed – as far as the theory goes. However, permanent sitting in combination with heat can lead to a build-up of lymphatic fluid. The result: swollen, fat legs.

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But there is an effective remedy: A lymph massage can work wonders for swollen legs! This can also be done very easily on the go or in the office.

This is how it works: massage with your thumb from the heel down to the hollow of the knee in circular movements. There are several lymph nodes that are activated in this way. You repeat the whole thing about ten times. To intensify the effect, it would be ideal to put your feet up flat against a wall. Of course not in the office, unless you are resistant to irritated looks or work in the home office.

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