Quick tip on how to separate yolks from whites

To avoid the strong taste of egg

If you haven’t seen this video or even heard about the trick of separating the egg yolk in a quick and easy way, don’t change the post. Some time ago I wrote a text about the problem of washing eggs and what this can cause, but in the ‘separate yolk’ item, the tip is very valid. How do you do? I already know: it breaks the egg and passes from one side of the shell to the other, right? It is not a good tactic, as the shell is very dirty and contains bacteria and microorganisms that go with the egg yolks and whites during the process. Separating them by hand, on the other hand, is more hygienic, but you must be skilled not to break the yolks and lose the egg.
The Handimania video teaches you how to do this without much mess. And you will only need two dishes, a plastic bottle, eggs (of course) and a little delicacy. Take a look:
[youtube]iAp8pEaWB1Y # t = 94[/youtube]Liked? What is your favorite technique?

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