Radical change “I want to go on living” Shock news moved actor Tetje Mierendorf to lose weight

Radical change “I want to go on living” Shock news moved actor Tetje Mierendorf to lose weight

Actors, comedians, musical performers and speakers – the Hamburg native Tetje Mierendorf is a true all-rounder. Now he has also published a book – his work “Halbfettzeit – My new life without lifebuoys” will appear on August 27th (Gütersloher publishing house, 20 euros). In it he describes how he lost about half of his body weight within three years. We met with Tetje Mierendorf and talked about his incredible success in losing weight.

Bunte.de: Why did you decide to lose weight?

Tetje Mierendorf: My daughter was born in 2012. I had my body, it was all right, I had told myself that apart from diabetes, I had no symptoms. And suddenly there was this person for whom I was responsible. Suddenly my head started working.

In the same year, Dirk Bach died and that was a kind of comparability. I thought to myself: A person died as a result of being overweight, that would happen to me too. Later I did a life expectancy test on the Internet that I found by chance and it came out that you only have two years to live. Then your daughter is a half-orphan and that made me brood. The following night I had a dream in which I saw my daughter drive away on her bike and a family man ran next to it and it wasn’t me and then I woke up, drenched in sweat and knew I don’t want to be fat anymore, I want to go on living for mine Family. I’ve started to take control of my life.

You can see which strategy Tetje Mierendorf used to lose 68 kilos in the video above!

Bunte.de: How did you proceed when you decided to lose weight?

I knew everything you need to know about exercise and nutrition, I had already successfully lost weight before, but gained weight again within a very short time when I fell back into my old eating habits. This time I just wanted to do it differently. I wanted to seek professional help, but that was out of the question because all the psychological practices focusing on obesity were completely overcrowded.

Then I sat down on a park bench and started to think. About me and my life and what made me so fat. Then I started to analyze and treat myself and kept talking to myself. At some point I got to a point where I said: I don’t need this fatness, I can take off this armor. I basically took the liberty of shedding the pounds and finding myself. That sounds a bit esoteric now, but ultimately it was the same.

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Bunte.de: How did you change your diet?

Tetje Mierendorf: I withdrew from sugar and swore to myself that I would go to sport every day and that worked. I just set myself one rule: you have to go to the gym and change clothes every day. Then I always thought to myself, if I’m already there, I can do sports too. That worked great too. I had previously checked out whether my body was able to do sports. Everything was fine there and so there were no excuses that I could have made.

Then I started to change my diet, I withdrew from sugar. It took two and a half weeks for my body to wean itself. I also gave up all processed foods and only ate healthy things. And all of this every day until it has become a matter of course.

Bunte.de: Was there a point where you said, I don’t feel like it anymore, I want fast food and chocolate and just put my feet up?

Tetje Mierendorf: No, not at all. The hardest phase was this sugar withdrawal. It was then that I first noticed that I was in a stranglehold of the sugar industry, because it is not for nothing that all of the foods have added sugar. The body responds accordingly, dopamine is released in the brain, and sugar is a drug, it’s an addictive substance, period.

Now of course we can all point the finger at the industry, they are also evil, but we are all enlightened citizens and it is in our own hands. I am eating sugar again, but in different doses. Not those amounts from before.

After that, I’ve now developed a sensitivity that leads my body to tell me what it wants. If I used to eat at McDonald’s every day, my body didn’t mind. I went there once after losing weight, then felt bad for three days because my body said what should I do with this garbage.

Bunte.de: How did your family react to your weight loss?

Tetje Mierendorf: They are of course happy, especially in terms of health. To be honest, my wife didn’t care visually. She married me in my worst time, that means love can’t be much more honest. But when it comes to the health factor, she’s incredibly relieved that I’ve lost so much weight because I’m just better.

I don’t take any more medication, I have a much longer life expectancy and of course that’s all great. It is a nice gift that looks. Many other things also work better, but it was never the prerequisite for our relationship.

Of course, my daughter is also happy that we can now do other activities, go to the climbing garden and ride a bike again – that’s just a great thing.

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Bunte.de: Were there any consequences of losing weight that you didn’t expect at all?

Tetje Mierendorf: I didn’t expect so many other things to change. I thought it was about losing weight, but being overweight is basically just a symptom: It’s about personality and authenticity, because I noticed that with the weight loss my own personality became more and more expressed. That surprised me. I noticed that it’s about responsibility, about taking life into your own hands. I now make decisions on my own and no longer wait for what the world expects of me.

I listen to myself and listen much, much more to what I actually want. It’s great because I feel so free. I don’t have to please everyone anymore – I used to be “Everybody’s Darling”, I wanted everyone to like me and now I know – it doesn’t matter. There are so many great people around me. The whole world doesn’t have to want to hug me, but I’ve never admitted that to myself before.

Bunte.de: What kind of tips do you have for people who want to lose weight?

Tetje Mierendorf: First, it’s a lifelong task, it never stops. Who asks me, “How long did it take you?” or “How long do I have to hold out for this?”, he has already lost and shouldn’t start. We have to eat and we can’t just quit like a smoker.

Second: After that I would go on a sugar withdrawal, very important. For now, skip all of those processed foods.

Third, take responsibility. Most people don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what or who made you fat, but that the responsibility to keep it that way or not entirely lies with you. Nobody else can exercise for us and control what goes in the mouth. Many, many people don’t realize that they have to take care of it themselves. The health of the people is not the responsibility of the health insurances or the state. A lot of people say something like, “Yeah, I don’t have the money to pay for a gym.” 20 euros a month, really? Your life should be worth it to you. Or when they say, “I can’t get myself up”: Just do it, put your running shoes in front of your bed in the morning, prepare everything so that you don’t have to think twice about what is in the morning, create a routine.

Next tip: Probation in everyday life – do not use a car, no elevators, no escalators. You can do a lot of things on foot. In Hamburg I now walk most of the stretches and I need about one and a half times the time that I would need by car, because you’re constantly stuck in traffic jams or at traffic lights. We live on the third floor – I don’t use elevators more. When I have things to lug around, I drag them up. I don’t put her in the elevator, I drag her up. Search and do fitness everywhere, look for exercise everywhere.

Look for the right motif! You don’t do that for your doctor or health insurance, because ultimately you don’t give a shit. You are only doing this for yourself and your health. It is not the case that at the end of your life you still get a bonus like a voucher for a few years at Media Markt: You have an immediate effect.

Last tip: Be interested and find out more about the project. The book I wrote doesn’t contain everything that one has ever found out about nutrition and exercise. You have to keep interested. You have to be interested in your body. One to two hours a day. Those who invest this daily effort get so many years. It’s the best investment. After all, where do you get such a return?

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