Raindrop Cake – Would You Eat?

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Mineral water and agar-agar. These are the ingredients of the dessert made by New Yorker Darren Wong, who ventured in several attempts to achieve a result similar to the original sweet, sold in Japan. The gelatinous water ball contains zero calories, is served with roasted soy flour and brown sugar syrup and it has caused an auê among Instagramers – check it out!
tim-ireland-studios-cake-drop-rain-agar-agar-ickfd-3Photos: Tim Ireland – Irelandstudios
As it is very delicate, the raindrop “cake” lasts only 30 minutes at room temperature, so the tip is to eat fast. The appearance is very interesting, but does it taste good? “It tastes like a giant raindrop! There are few foods that involve so many senses at the same time, and that’s what made me feel attracted to this dessert, ”Wong told Buzzfeed.
The novelty can be sampled in Smorgasburg, Brooklyn, for 8 dollars. When I started writing this post, I confess that I had no desire to eat the raindrop cake, but after seeing so much photo I was very curious! Are you also in the mood to experiment?

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