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Today it will be a vegetarian tour, unfortunately this restaurant does not yet offer many alternatives for vegans.
But for vegetarians, there are good and very tasty options! I was at Ramona at the recommendation of a friend, who spoke very well about the vegetarian hamburger and the drinks. The Restaurant is in the center in a super easy to reach point. I was very well attended by the boys (all stylish and friendly lol) and I sat at a table upstairs to choose what I was going to order from the menu.
While I chose, they took me a small vase with water, a delicacy that I like a lot because, often, water is all I drink. On the menu, I immediately identified a caption with symbols that signal the meat used, whether it is vegetarian or vegan.
As I am crazy about hamburgers, I chose the vegetarian of four mushrooms on potato bread. The cheese used is brie (my favorite), the salad in the bread is watercress and still has that delicious mayonnaise, seasoned with cilantro.
In a short time my dish was ready and I was able to taste it. I found it delicious! As I am a fan of mushrooms, the good thing is that the hamburger leaves them in big pieces, and we can feel the texture. In addition, it comes with thin fries and a sliced ​​pickle! I had found the price a bit steep, but I found it to be really well served.
My drink option was Brisa (vodka, pear and lemon juice), super light and refreshing. I was dying to try others, but unfortunately I was in between work and it wouldn’t work! haha ha
In addition to cocktails, the house offers several options of wines and sparkling wines. There are other food options like salads, pasta … and for those who are vegan, it is possible to adapt the salads, in addition to the tomato soup and the mixed antipasto.
I thought it was a big failure that the house doesn’t have a vegan bread option, for those who want to assemble the vegan hamburger, without the cheese or the mayonnaise. And if you want to buy the hamburger yourself (with fries and pickles only), the price remains the same. A different roll already makes many vegans happy! =)
Ramona’s desserts are very differentiated and I was dying to try it, but unfortunately I couldn’t take anything else in that tummy and my pocket couldn’t spend it for lunch anymore.
Really, Ramona is not a restaurant to eat on a daily basis, at work, like I did! rs It is worth visiting calmly, friends, to enjoy good drinks, chat and listen to live music!
Vegetarian Burger: R $ 39
Drink Brisa: R $ 26
Know better – http://www.casaramona.com.br/

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