Raw food vitamin instructions for beginners

Raw food vitamin instructions for beginners

Slowly but surely, it is becoming increasingly clear that raw food is much more versatile than you used to think. But what do you have to pay attention to?

You hear or read it again and again: This dish or this ingredient is RAW (German: raw)! So it belongs to the raw food or the ingredient is raw food quality. But what exactly can we imagine by that? When does a product have this quality and what do you have to consider when shopping or preparing it?

The 42 ° C mark

What exactly defines raw food quality and what makes it so special? Many people ask that. The main characteristic of raw food products is that they are never heated above 42 ° C, either during cooking or consumption. Many of these nutrients are not heat-resistant, so a hot mixer is enough to destroy important ingredients and make them unusable for the human body.

Therefore, when buying fruit and vegetables, pay attention to the remark “raw food quality” or “RAW”, because this means that the ingredients have not been heated above 42 ° C. In addition, you should also make sure not to heat the food yourself any more in order to maintain the high quality.

Raw food products are not always organic at the same time

If it says raw vegetables, it is not necessarily organic. Unfortunately, this is a common fallacy. Since the idea of ​​raw food is primarily about the degree of heating and not the method of cultivation, you do not automatically buy organic quality if you choose RAW. But if you value sustainable cultivation, then look for the organic seal when buying your products or buy them straight away in the organic market.

And what can you eat now?

Actually, there are hardly any limits when it comes to raw food cuisine. Fresh vegetables, sauerkraut in raw food quality, fruit and nuts make the menu varied and rich. Only heavily processed foods and ready-made meals should be avoided, as these are always mixed with additives and are usually heated to over 42 ° C – for reasons of shelf life.

Fresh salads, power bars or smoothies, on the other hand, make the nutrition plan delicious and healthy. But since you can also make incredibly fine cakes with simple means and without baking them, nothing stands in the way of sweet enjoyment. Chia pudding and fruit puree, for example, round off a menu wonderfully as a dessert.

If you find yourself in the extremely advantageous situation of owning a dehydrator, then you can even conjure up warm dishes. Quinoa, millet and vegetables will then be served warm on your table – without overheating the ingredients!

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