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David Lebovitz is the guy. You may have heard of him, the American chef who has lived in Paris for almost ten years and is a reference in the most varied media. USA Today, Travel and Leisure, The New York Times, Cook’s Illustrated and Bon Appétit are some examples. It may not be news to you, but I confess that I met you today, in these wanderings on the internet. Food lover, please don’t blame me. I may be committing a culinary crime, but knowledge is like that, isn’t it? We enter a world and learn things a little …
I found a really cool video in which Lebovitz shows you how to make delicious cookies and then takes Parisians to try it out. The video is the presentation of the sixth book written by him (so far he has written six), where he gathers his favorite recipes. If you access the site, you won’t want to stop discovering cool things about the chef specialized in confectionery by Lênotre (the same as Dani!), Valrhona’s Ecole du Grand Chocolat, in France, and at Callebaut College, in Belgium.
In this video, Lebovitz says that the French are not used to eating cookies. And by cookies, he refers to American classics. So, get to work! With butter, pecans, chocolate, brown sugar … Finally, with the traditional ingredients to make the cookies, the chef prepares them and then takes them to the streets. In fact, he says that you can even try to make dessert without butter, only you won’t be happy with the result. The video is without subtitles, but well, it doesn’t take much to understand the Parisians’ reaction after the first bite. Voila!
[vimeo]10468919[/vimeo]If you want to know more about his books, here are the titles in order of “birth” rs:
Room For Dessert
Ripe for Dessert
The Great Book Of Chocolate
The Perfect Scoop
The Sweet Life In Paris
Ready For Dessert

I can’t wait to buy mine!

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