Recent survey Which diet is particularly popular for losing weight?

Recent survey Which diet is particularly popular for losing weight?

A diet is often much more than just eating less. In order to be successful in losing weight, certain substances are usually deliberately avoided – in the case of low carb, for example, carbohydrates. But is that also true? Which strategy is particularly popular in Germany?

How do you lose weight most effectively – and at the same time prevent the dreaded yo-yo effect? There is a multitude of answers to this question, because the choice among the diets is great. The respective choice can hardly be divided into right or wrong, because everyone responds differently to a diet. There is agreement among the scientists, nutritionists and those who want to lose weight, especially on two points: The calorie consumption must be higher than the calorie intake and every diet should also be linked to physical activity.

The health portal “” has commissioned a survey that deals with the question of which paths Germans prefer to take to lose weight. The results also hold surprises.

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The most popular weight loss strategy: just eat less

More than 5,000 people were interviewed for the survey in July 2020. Among other things, you should indicate which diet you have already tried. A good 40 percent of the participants stated that they had not yet dealt with the subject of weight loss, i.e. that they had no dietary experience. But for most of the others, too, the many different diet recommendations that are constantly being published hardly seemed to matter. Almost one in three said they would simply eat less if they dieted. A good 27 percent associated the reduced meals with more exercise in order to achieve success – but also not with a special diet recommendation.

Most people who followed a special diet opted for 16: 8 intermittent fasting (19.6 percent). 17 percent rely on low carb, i.e. fewer carbohydrates. All other diets mentioned stayed in the lower single-digit range: With 5: 2 intermittent fasting it was 3.1 percent, with the keto diet, which is also based on low carb, just 2.8 percent, with Paleo, the “Stone Age diet, even only 1.1 and all other diets combined only added up to 8.8 percent.

Intermittent fasting became really popular during the Corona crisis. Why? You can find out here!



Intermittent fasting
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The corona crisis creates stress and with it numerous extra pounds. Thanks to this weight-loss strategy, you can easily get it back down before summer.

Intermittent fasting is the most popular – and women fast more often than men

If you want to choose a winner among the diet approaches, intermittent fasting 16: 8 would do the best. The principle here is based on the fact that food is only consumed in a time window of eight hours per day, which should then be as healthy and balanced as possible.

It should also be interesting that women diet significantly more often than men. More than half of the men said they had not tried any diet at all. For women, that was just 30 percent. So for 70 percent of them, losing weight played a role.

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