Recipe tip The best office snacks: cress and kiwi sandwich

Recipe tip The best office snacks: cress and kiwi sandwich

The perfect energy snack for a stressful day at work: With this delicious cress and kiwi sandwich you can sweeten your lunch break and also save time and calories!

When things get haywire and you urgently need a fresh and sweet energy boost – with this simple recipe for a cress and kiwi sandwich you can conjure up a low-calorie and healthy office snack between two meetings that will give you new energy and a good mood cares.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

3 slices of wholemeal toast

50 g lean cooked ham

2 leaves of iceberg lettuce

1 large kiwi

4 teaspoons of light mayonnaise


That’s how it’s done:

Toast The whole wheat bread. Then to wash The lettuce and drain it. Meanwhile kiwi to wash and thinly sliced to cut. Then the toast slices with mayonnaise coat. Occupy Make a slice with a lettuce leaf and half of the kiwi slices, then brush them with the remaining mayonnaise. Place the second slice of toast on top and garnish Put them with the ham, the remaining kiwi slices and a good portion of cress and top the sandwich with the third slice of bread. Cut the sandwich diagonally and the delicious office snack is ready.

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