Recipes for Those Who Love Crunchy Sweets
Recipes for those who love crunchy sweets

Recipes for Those Who Love Crunchy Sweets

It is impossible not to associate a good texture with a delicious dessert and if there is one thing I love to do, both when mixing flavors, it is making that good old texture mix. Do you have a very creamy and soft candy? You can bet that by putting a crunchy on top it will get even better. It is no accident that crumbles and caramelized oilseeds are so successful ?
It was thinking about just adding an extra dose of crispness to your desserts that I made this super special selection of recipes!


Aaah, the crumbles … As I love ice cream I am suspicious to talk, but look, these crunchy and spicy wonders definitely make any dessert simpler. The combo with ice cream is definitely my favorite, but you can also put it on top of tartlets and even cheesecakes.
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Crushed walnuts are delicious by themselves, but with a caramel it gets even better! The recipe is very simple to make and you need to test it now!
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Everyone loves a soft, wet cake, but I can guarantee that a nice cake crumble can be a great ally when it comes to finishing desserts. How about replacing the traditional confectionery of the brigadeiros, cake pops and cakes with this crushed and dry cake? I swear you will be surprised! The best is that you can adapt the recipe using the remnants of any cake ?
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More oil for the short list, because yes, they make my mouth water. This version has bicarbonate that does not make the caramel so hard, but still brings crunchiness to the measure.
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If only flaked almonds make any dessert better, have you ever imagined this caramelized wonder? Besides being more crunchy, the sweetest flavor is perfect!
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No, you did not read it wrong! Popcorn can be an excellent “confiture”. It is not for nothing that I used a popcorn with caramel in the cake of the million, in this delicious corn cupcake and I even made an apple of love of sweet popcorn with Paulo. There are so many possibilities ?
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Why not talk about a slightly healthier recipe? Granolas are the lightest options on this list and you can’t deny that they make any yogurt any better, right?
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This “caramelized hazelnut flour” can be used in so many ways that I even managed to put it in profiteroles. Not only was it part of the decoration, it also ended up inside the cream in the filling!
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Want ease? Cookies (homemade or not) can only be chopped and thrown on top of an incredible dessert! It is no accident that ice cream with pieces of cookies are so loved, right? Pies, cheesecakes, cakes… It all gets even better with the generous pieces!
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Another sweet that crushed can work superbly in the decoration is the sigh! You can make the color you prefer and use them whole or finely chopped in recipes.
Complete recipe / Gluten-free recipe

There are many options to make your desserts more delicious, right?

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