Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

Define what the Red fruits it is the first step before deepening the knowledge about them. There is no rule of botany that says exactly which are and which are not, so this division is made popular and cultural way. In English-speaking countries, for example, all that end with “berry”(Berries / fruits) are the fruits with very small size and reddish color. However, here in Brazil several others are considered from the same group and do not even have a translation abroad. THE açaí and the jabuticaba are just a few examples.

Some texts and experts also consider very large fruits, such as watermelon, in the same category. But it’s not unanimous, okay? Therefore, we consider the best way to classify red fruits those that have some characteristics in common: color, size and of course the set of benefits and nutritional components that are very similar.


Have you heard that eating some red fruits in your routine can prevent disease? This information is real and not by chance. Several studies prove the beneficial action of these berries on our body. However it is important to remember that there are no super foods or fruits that will actually cure diseases. It has to be part of a set of favorable habits for health, from food, physical exercises, mind care and, if necessary, medical treatments.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Turning red berries, what happens is that they all have some kind of component antioxidant. That is, they are able to protect the healthy cells of the body against damage caused by free radicals. This process prevents chronic diseases, in addition to reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems, cancer and other diseases.

In general, red fruits also have low calorie and many vitamins. Increase the immune system and delay the aging for stimulating collagen production. However, each fruit has its particularities. It is legal to always give preference to those that are produced in your region and in the harvest season. But what are they?


THE acerola is one of the fruits with more vitamin C. Get orange, tangerine lemon and all these super known. In addition, it also has a lot of vitamin A, which is super beneficial for vision. The plant produces fruit a few times a year, but more in summer and spring. It is easier to find in the hottest places in Brazil.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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It was a time when açaí was an exotic fruit even within Brazil. There are many stalls and specialized establishments that opened recently after the popularity of the fruit. Of course, production is concentrated entirely on north of the country and how to consume, the taste and the freshness of fruit it is very different there – much better, even. The benefits, in addition to antioxidants, are caused by the presence of vitamin C and E that stimulate the brain and give a lot of energy. It is very caloric, so avoid adding sugar, guarana syrup etc.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Another very Brazilian one is the jabuticabas that are born stuck to the foot. They are rich in nutrients, fibers and antioxidant properties. They have the vitamins C, B, zinc and iron. It is very low in calories and is grown throughout the country, with more presence in the southeast.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Another one that is super known and is on the rise during the winter is the Strawberry. Among the various benefits, these berries have diuretic properties, help with healing and are rich in vitamins A, C and K. They are low in calories and do not increase blood sugar. It is a great fruit for diabetics, for example. It is found in greater quantities in the southeastern and southern regions.

  • The recipes with strawberry here on the website are MANY. But, there is a list of the best ones here.
Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Did you know that cherry in Tupi it means red? It is a Brazilian fruit that we usually remember for the unmistakable aroma of its leaves. The fruits have a special flavor that balances sweet and sour very well. In addition, the fruit is rich in vitamins C, A and B. You can find it all over the country ?

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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The cherry originates in Asia, very common in Japanese gardens flowered with cherry trees. In addition to its anti-aging and age-preventing properties, it is also rich in vitamin C and known for strengthening bones thanks to the presence of calcium.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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How to leave loved ones grape off that list? They are responsible for producing one of the oldest drinks in the world, wine. The grapes, in this case, the purple ones, have properties that help with the cardiovascular problemsas they help control cholesterol. They are produced in the south, southeast and also northeast – in Pernambuco and Bahia.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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THE plum it’s usually a little bit bigger than all the ones we’ve talked about so far, especially those bought on the market. But they can also be considered red fruits. It is a fruit with little sugar and many vitamins: A, C, B and K. All of this while mentioning the presence of many minerals that strengthen the immune system.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Blueberry or blueberry it is a blue fruit, but it is within the characteristics related to red fruits. In addition to the name containing “berry” in English, blueberries have the same antioxidant characteristics and benefits as the other fruits mentioned above. The difference is that they can be used in decorations of dishes in a very beautiful way, right? Ah, the blueberry is not so consumed in Brazil, but it has become more popular in recent years. It is easier to find in the south and southeast.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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The blackberry is the one that looks several berries together and with a very strong dark color that releases a lot of paint. It is very rich in vitamin K, manganese and antioxidants. Despite having all over Brazil it is more common in the south, due to the colder climate.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Very similar to the blackberry only with a very vibrant red color. THE raspberry is rich in vitamin C and A and it can help to lower blood sugar. Still, it has a slightly sweet flavor that is great for jellies and fillings.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Cranberry is better known here in Brazil as a dry fruit. It is a fruit with a very dark red color. The benefits are related to the urinary system – can help prevent infections. It also performs other actions on the body, such as fighting stomach ulcers and reducing cholesterol.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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Like the cranberry, the goji berry is most found in its form dry. To differentiate, just find a fruit with a brighter red. It has a lot of minerals, vitamin C and B2, with action anti-inflammatory – it’s good for the flu ?

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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It is a well-known fruit in Portugal, but there are also some productions of currant in southeastern Brazil. Its syrup version is the best known, but it is far from being the healthiest. It is bright red in appearance, almost like a gum. Has many benefits related to oxidants of the body and is rich in vitamins E, C and A.

Red fruits: benefits, what they are and recipes

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