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As many people already know, on the channel we have a series of works! In addition to our long-awaited farm, which we are building from scratch, we are also going to change the production address! As decoration is a subject that I love to talk to you here on the blog, why not share every detail of these projects here?
As the farm is still far from finished, I decided to show my references to the producer! First of all, for those who haven’t seen anything on the subject, in the first video we show how the environment was on the day we bought it and then the complete demolition ?
The break was huge, but now it’s time to show our intentions with this incredible space! The whole environment will be divided into three major areas: the external, the upper and the lower.
In this post I decided to show several ideas that we had for the environment at the bottom, but we already have two other posts about the other areas here on the blog (top and external area)!

Foto – Pinterest

It is in this environment that the editing part of the videos and the commercial of the producer will work! Aesthetically speaking, we think of this darker environment, with a lot of gray and wood – click here to see the references on Pinterest. Do you know the industrial style we love so much? It is that footprint!

Photos – @ezgipolat and Bloglovin ‘

For walls, we think of something more detonated or with burnt cement, rustic bricks … Everything with a more unpretentious air is worth this finish ?

Photos – I Love Decoration and Behance

The high ceilings with the visible ducts and pipes cannot be missing in such a decoration! Pendants with wires and very large lamps are indispensable! In addition, recovering the floor with wooden clubs is something we want too much, we are sure that the environment will be much more cozy.

Photos – Ultra Linx and Office Snapshots

Thinking about the functionality of the space, everyone who will work around here needs large tables – only computers with large edition monitors already occupy a good area of ​​the table! We think of dark wood furniture with a rustic finish; we would love to have it with demolition wood!

Photos – Signed by Tina and Lincoln Barbour

To separate the spaces, we imagine many glasses. We don’t want to lose the depth of space and the greater the feeling of spaciousness, the better! In addition to allowing more integration, the glass works as a slate and is ideal for our type of work (more creative).

Photos – Office Snapshots, Decor 8 and Casa Vogue

Knowing that the details make a big difference in the final project, we think of environments with unusual elements. Swings overlooking the square, columns used as slates and super-special posters by fans and dear friends are some of the ideas we like the most!

Picture – apostrophe 9

To complement this area, we want a mega comfortable sofa! The model above, with brown leather and tufted finish is our consumer dream: beautiful, chic and the face of space!
And for those who have not watched the video with all these references just click below emb

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