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Hi people! It seems that New Year’s Eve was yesterday, but January is already over. We all usually plan several things for the new year, but in this post I want to share about one of my goals for 2015, which I could only share now, not because it’s a secret (which it isn’t), but I wanted to bring some testimonies of how it was experience so far. For some it may seem like nonsense and for others, perhaps, radical. It is a personal challenge to not drink more sodas.
In the second half of 2014, I was policing myself to opt for juices in my meals, but without being restricted if there was a desire for that glass full of ice and soda. Little by little I was cutting some types of soda from “my menu” until on December 31, 2014 I stopped. Until then, I’m free of soft drinks, I’m “refree”.
At the outset, it is worth mentioning that I gradually reduced consumption, recycling my habit. This makes it easier than taking more drastic actions. Rather than cure, the saying went. Did I stop eating chocolate? No! Did I stop eating or taking anything else? No, but that is where the first practical observation is after a month. When you stop drinking soda, you end up choosing healthier snacks and meals. It is better to have a natural sandwich with cajá juice instead of some other options of processed snacks with juice. I know how difficult it is on a daily basis to find a place with good fresh juice, but then you have a frozen pulp juice. Another easy thing to notice is that the juice sates faster and you end up drinking less fluids with meals, which is better for digestion.
Speaking of nutrition, you decrease the consumption of preservatives and dyes and even if you sweeten a juice with white sugar, it is difficult for you to put more sugar in your juice than the amount of sugar in soft drinks. Not to mention that there are juices, like orange, which you can drink without adding anything else. Ok we have zero sodas, but they still have all the additives that don’t add anything to us, besides they have a lot more sodium than the normal ones. What soft drinks do is not only hamper digestion, they “saturate” solutes (salt and sugar) and other additives, they cancel out sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers, important for the maintenance of the body, at a time when you don’t drink a juice to drink a can of “happiness”, “national passion” or other titles: health.
soda-health-fortitudesource: Health and strength
Am I against drinking soft drinks? No, but I want to warn you about consumption and eating habits. I wonder how many people have lunch and dinner every day with soft drinks, I think you may have already imagined some friends and co-workers. It is difficult to go through a feijoada, pizza, popcorn among other options without the soda, but then a reflection: “So we are obliged to consume everything with soda?”. At first I can say that it is easy to accompany hotter dishes with sauces and cheeses with acidic juices: lemon, pineapple, cupuaçu… Don’t think it is the “end of the world” not to drink more soft drinks, do some tests if you find it interesting.
In the first weeks of January, I had some headaches. I don’t know if they had a connection with the fact that he stopped taking soft drinks, I don’t know, a type of abstinence, maybe. But since then, too, my sleep has been better, arriving earlier and having better quality. Likewise, I don’t know if this is connected with my new habit. I would love to have feedback from more people who have chosen the same decision.
I was going to forget! Without changing any of my other practices, be it eating, drinking or exercising, I lost almost a kilo in a month, doing nothing different, just cut the soda. I know that it depends on the metabolism of each person, but whoever wants to start doing the same thing, a tip: write down your weight so you can compare later.
I’m still trying to make a vegan day during the week, but I still haven’t made it. Gradually, who knows? That idea came after I cut the soda – I think I can include “having healthy ideas and running the risk of being able to execute them” as a result of this personal challenge.

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