Relaxed and elegant Floral T-shirt


dani-danielle-noce-look-dress-floral-purse-orange-kate-spade-glasses-sol-stazione-3 Yesterday I went out with Paulo for a meeting with my programmer. Yes, we are redesigning the entire ICKFD website and I am sure you will love it the news we’re going to do.
I find it funny that you are usually more anxious than me. Whenever I announce that I am doing something new, many of you will rush to ask when and where, next week, you will be able to find hehehehe. I find it very cute and I love that you are always asking me for what I said in the vlogs or the snap. It turns out that all things take a long time to adjust and stay the way we want. But I am sure that when they are released it is worth every moment of everyone’s work.
As it was very hot yesterday and today I also chose to wear a fresh and floral dress with a loose shirt style from Stazione. I am passionate about this style of dress because it always makes me feel comfortable and relaxed, but very elegant.
On my feet I wore a sandal with a sailor-style buckle. To mark the waist, a navy blue braided belt that brings charm to the dress, with a more beautiful and feminine silhouette.
The orange bag matches the print and is the right size to carry everything I need. Ahhhh I already know that you will play with me here, but that day I had to bring some papers with ideas and also my agenda; D
I love this summer look style. And you? Did you like it?
Check out the new Stazione complete collection here! It’s too beautiful!
Dress | Train station
Sandal | Santa Lolla
Purse and bracelet | Kate Spade
American Apparel Belt
Glasses | Thierry Lasry

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