Relaxing Moment: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

Relaxing Moment: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

I don’t know about you, but for me there is no better feeling than coming home (or at the hotel) after a tiring day and just relaxing! And let’s agree that there is no better place to do this than on a network? Well, I have been thinking about bringing a hammock home for many years, after all, Paulo and I love it!

Relaxing Moment: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

Photo: anthropology

I keep thinking that we leave to enjoy certain moments only in specific situations when we could simply enjoy a little bit each day. The network is a great example of this! Why do I leave it to use the hammock only during summer holidays if I can install the piece at home?
Even in indoor environments the piece is super suitable, I swear! Just choose a color, a fabric and a print that matches the décor. Currently, there is no shortage of neutral and basic options!

Relaxing Moment: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs

Photos: Cate St Hill and Vtwonen

Now, if you also love hammocks, but think that the piece has nothing to do with the decor, there are also more sophisticated alternatives for hanging chairs! In fact, these pieces are perfect for removing the decoration of the room or even the bedroom from the obvious ?


Do you love to relax in a specific corner of the house after an intense day? I separated 5 pieces that can help you make this moment even more delicious!
Relaxing Moment: Hammocks and Hanging Chairs
1- Itamaracá Rede Casal at Tok & Stok – R $ 299.90

3- Couple hammock at Americanas – R $ 179.90
4- Sleeping hammocks at Dafiti – R $ 79.90
5- Casal Oriental Yellow Hammock on Collector 55 – R $ 194.65

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