Remembering is Living: Chocolates that remind us of childhood

Remembering is Living: Chocolates that remind us of childhood

Source: Mundo Estranho Magazine
They say that millennium generation is nostalgic, who loves to remember childhood moments. And that’s right, now and then we get stuck in a post on Facebook about games video game or dolls that marked the epoch, isn’t it?
How good millennium, I also feel an immense love for everything that reminds me of happy moments. So, I decided to make a post about the chocolates that marked my childhood and although some are still on the market, they give missing and make me remember delicious moments.
If you were child during the 80s and 90s, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!
Impossible not to hug your mom and dad when they came home with a Nestlé’s surprise bar, is not true? Of course, chocolate was delicious, but the coolest thing was stickers with photos and information about animals and about nature.
Do you remember that the chocolate was shaped like animals in high relief? Wow, it was too much! After 15 years on the shelves of Brazilian markets, to our sadness, Nestlé discontinued the production of the Surpresa bars.
Source: Correio de Uberlândia
Nestlé’s “fluffy chocolate” was always one of the first to disappear from Nestlé boxes. And to my sadness, only those like Prestige and Diplomat, that I didn’t like very much.
In 1992 he was replaced by Milkybar. That it was the same, but it was not the same! After all, the kitty’s packing it made ALL the difference! In 2012, Lollo returned to the market.
Source: Unisuam Online Journalism – It’s easy – Rainei
Monica’s Chocolates
THE Mauricio de Souza I really knew how to get the most out of the brand. As a child, I LOVED everything that belonged to Monica, from comic books to apples!
The chocolate launched in 1993 it was delicious and melted in your mouth. The inside, always in the shape of a character, was white chocolate and the outside of milk chocolate. I can say that this was one of my favorites!


Source: Rebobine

With your soft strawberry filling, this chocolate is delicious! As a good gaucho, I am proud of Stikadinho, after all it is a product of the company Neugebauer.

However, for a long time Stikadinho was the only Neugebauer chocolate that I could eat. Fortunately, for some years now the quality of the company’s products has gone up again.
Source: BYSC Glamorous Girls
“Buy Baton, buy Baton, your son deserves Baton! ”. Who remembers this propaganda of 1992 Kid? Despite being launched during our parents’ childhood, Baton marked epoch for millenniums. too.
Baton was and remains very good! But I’m talking about the original Baton, milk chocolate, versions of White chocolate and mixed are very modern for my taste.
Source: Cdl Center
The Amanditas da Lacta marked my childhood and awakened in me an enormous love for waffles. The product, produced by Lacta, was composed of two very thin waffle cones with a soft chocolate filling in a nut shape.
My grandparents always had this delicious in the cupboard! Impossible to eat one Amandita without thinking about them.
Source: Mambo
Let’s speak the truth! Chokito was not my favorite chocolate. But Chokito’s advertising marked my childhood, so I decided to include it on the list.
“Condensed milk caramelized with crispy flakes and covered with delicious Nestlé chocolate ”. Yes, these chocolate brands know how to advertise!
Source: Araujo
This chocolate bar “with balls”, as I said when I was little, was too much. Melted in the mouth! I am still a fan of aerated chocolates because of my love for Suflair.
Source: Todo Preço
Kinder egg
How much does a Kinder Egg cost today? In my day they cost R $ 1. Good times, every time my mom went to the supermarket, she brought me one. But I wasn’t too concerned with the chocolate, which I now LOVE, but about the toys that came inside.
Do you remember the collection of blue hippos, little lions and turtles? Those were my favorites! The soldiers did not like much.

Source: Eu Sigh
Who doesn’t remember the Brazilian M & M’s? At least for me, Confeti was an epoch. It is true that it was enough to prove the American version to completely disenchant me with the Lacta chocolate. But I need to recognize that Confeti was present in my childhood!
Source: Araujo
Wow, there are so many chocolates that marked childhood From 80s and 90s that it’s hard to mention them all… how much I miss you! Do you remember any other chocolate that should be on the list? Which one most marked your childhood?
By Larissa Piazzi

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