Renovating your pet’s house

Renovating your pet's house

Whoever has a pet at home knows the pleasure of taking care of it – or in my case them! Just go through a Petshop that we already go crazy, right?
Collars, shoes, clothes, pots, sweets and cute houses are everywhere. If you have the ability to create a custom house here are some suggestions:

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If you have or have ever had a cat, you know that they simply love to climb anything imaginable! The raised “little houses” are great for them to have fun and they will certainly be used a lot. You can separate part of the shelf or buy those single squares that are sold at furniture stores. Then just install – or buy ready like the one in the photo!
The second and third are great and made of natural fibers. In addition to not taking up space, they will be an amusement park for pets that love to pull and scratch delicious and embossed fabrics.

Photo 1 – / Photo 2 – / Photo 3 –

Dogs also deserve a cozy space at home. I separated some more compact models that can even be made at home. Wood is always an advantageous option, because it does not shed hair and is aesthetically very beautiful. The first is made with triangular plates – each of the plates needs to be the size or a little bigger than your sitting dog. The last, of the same material, is for those who already have a little more practice.
Now if you have a puff at home, why not reuse it? The middle photo is an adaptation of the piece! Your puppy will be comfortable and you will continue with the furniture in the room.
Ready to renovate your pet’s house? It’s only difficult to choose which one!

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