Rent bikes in Amsterdam

Rent bikes in Amsterdam

The most iconic place for cycling in the world is Amsterdam. The city is small, flat and almost all tourists and locals use this means to get around!


As you’ve seen in New York’s vlogs, we love cycling and exploring even more the cities we’ve been through. With bikes, we can observe the architecture of the place, the shops, walk around the parks … And even if you are not convinced to use this means of transport anymore, it is a great exercise!
Of course, we did a lot of research to find out which one was more worth it. Before traveling, we met Black Bikes Amsterdam, a bicycle rental company that has several pick-up points around the city.
In addition to the convenience of being able to leave bicycles at various points, they have several models available – all black (super used by Amsterdam residents). There are models with hand brakes, on the pedal, some special ones for tall, short, children … It has everything!

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Anyone planning to visit the city already has a great tip!

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