Rescue coincidence Woman visits family attraction – and finds out that she has cancer!

Rescue coincidence Woman visits family attraction - and finds out that she has cancer!

A Berkshire, England woman visited a tourist attraction in Edinburgh that uses a thermal imaging camera. This showed that the woman was suffering from breast cancer.

Bal Gill (41) from Slough in Berkshire, England, just wanted to spend a nice day with her family in Edinburgh. She would certainly never have thought that the visit would change her whole life. On site she made at the tourist attraction “Camera Obscura and World of Illusions “with a thermal imaging camera took a picture of her, as” “reported.

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Unusual discoloration

When she compared her picture to that of her family, she noticed that she had a discoloration near her chest that other family members did not. When she got home, Gill still thought about it and started doing research. She was shocked to find that breast cancer is discovered that often. The 41-year-old immediately made a doctor’s appointment.

It was cancer

She waited anxiously for the results after the examination – and should actually be right! Her doctor diagnosed Gill with breast cancer. Fortunately, this was still in a very early stage, so that it is considered to be easily treatable. Gill started treatment immediately. “I’ve already had two operations and will soon have a third to prevent the cancer from spreading,” said Gill in a thank you letter to the attraction.

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In it she also thanks: “I just wanted to thank you – without your camera I would never have known it. I know that this is not actually what the camera is intended for, but it changed my life,” said the Englishwoman. Andrew Johnson, the attraction’s manager, also joined in on Gill’s story. “We didn’t know that our camera could show such life-changing symptoms. We were very touched when Bal contacted us and told her story,” he said.

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