Research breakthrough Scientists can now more easily determine your risk of breast cancer

Research breakthrough Scientists can now more easily determine your risk of breast cancer

Breakthrough in breast cancer research: Scientists have identified around 350 DNA errors that increase the risk of cancer in women. The new discoveries could help determine which women should be targeted.

It sounds like a research breakthrough that scientists at Cambridge University have now achieved, as the online magazine “” reports. A study of 200,000 patients identified 352 genetic mutations that can affect whether or not a person is prone to breast cancer. The experts assume that this mutation can change up to 191 genes, which in turn increase the risk of breast cancer. So far, only 40 genes have been assumed. The results, published in the journal Nature Genetics, could revolutionize research and help identify which women are more prone to breast cancer so that they can be monitored more closely.

Alternative Remedies For Breast Cancer? Many doctors strongly advise against it. You can find out why here!

Cream with herbs

Be careful with natural medicine
Why you shouldn’t resort to alternative remedies for breast cancer

Natural medicines such as turmeric, ginseng, or garlic can have a negative effect on curing breast cancer. Scientists at the Nova Medical School in Lisbon warn against their use, especially if there is no consultation with the doctor.

Breast cancer: how genes influence the risk of disease

DNA is like the blueprint for the human body. It carries genetic information and has all the instructions a living organism needs to grow, multiply and function. Humans have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes, 99.9 percent of which are identical in every person. Only the remaining 0.1 percent of the genetic variants make people unique. You determine hair color, skin color and even how the shape of the face changes. However, these changes can also have negative effects, for example an increasing susceptibility to disease over the course of life.

Most diseases, including breast cancer, are complex and not caused by a single genetic variant or gene. Instead, a combination of several genes works together to increase the risk of disease. In the latest study, the researchers compared the DNA of 110,000 breast cancer patients with that of 90,000 healthy people. They identified 352 variants that can increase the risk, affecting up to 191 genes.

Every third woman has a tendency to develop breast cancer caused by hormones. This happens when, for example, cancer cells start growing in response to the hormone estrogen. Fifteen percent of this hormone-driven type of disease lead to breast cancer that is difficult to treat.

A new study shows that impending breast cancer can be prevented. You can find out how this works here.

Women in the gym

Study shows
With this simple remedy you can protect yourself against breast cancer

Sport and wellbeing are related, because even light exercises have a positive effect on our health. According to a recent study, sport can also work against cancer, in therapy and the recovery phase, but also as a preventative measure.

What are the consequences of the new research results?

But there is hope, as study director Dr. Alison Dunning said in a press release, “With this incredible amount of newly discovered breast cancer genes, we have many more genes to work on, most of which have not yet been studied. It will help us build a more detailed picture of how breast cancer develops and develops. ” While each individual genetic variant increases the risk of breast cancer only slightly, researchers can fine-tune the genetic tests with a bundle and give women a clearer picture of their genetic risk. In this way, doctors can provide recommendations on the best strategy to reduce the risk of breast cancer or prevent the onset of the disease.

“We know from previous studies that variants of our DNA contribute to the risk of breast cancer, but scientists have rarely been able to identify exactly which genes are affected,” said Dr. Laura Fachal from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge told “” “We need this information to get better clues about what the disease is and how we can treat or even prevent it. “

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