Rest Room

Rest Room

On a long holiday week I immediately think of days off and that’s exactly what motivated my post today. Who says you need to wait for the days off or the holidays to relax? A corner of “decompression” is always very welcome at home, after all, everyone needs a nice place to rest and make the day lighter.
Luckily for us there is no shortage of incredible ideas to be inspired when it comes to assembling this corner in the best way. There are options for all styles of decor and I separated 5 of them to speak today ?


Do you have an entrance hall, a corridor or a corner of the room with low furniture? Nothing better than reinforcing the structure and placing some mattresses / mattresses, blankets and pillows on top! As I know that everyone likes furniture with multiple functions, there was no way to share this simple and charming idea!


Now, if you love a corner with natural light, there is nothing more cozy than a mattress and lots of pillows under a big window! It can be built-in furniture, a bench or even a sofa; what matters is to complement the decor with super comfortable pieces and accessories.


Rest Room

Photos: Bolig Magasinet and Airbnb

Putting a sofa or bed on that list would be too obvious, but there is one piece that is often “left out” and can make all the difference: the chaise. It can be used in the living room, in a corner of the office or even outdoors.
If you love a space to lie down, but do not like to isolate yourself in the bedroom, the chaise will be a great alternative to complement your decor.


A more rustic and cool piece could not be missing. The futon is a type of shorter mattress that looks great in more relaxed environments and especially on balconies / balconies. Bet on the colors to bring life to the environment and, if you want, place the futon on top of a platform for a more visual clean clean.


Aah, how a light swing on the net makes the day better, right? Just lie down in one that looks like you are teleported to a nice and calm environment! I already remember the beaches, the holidays, the sea… There are so many good feelings that even today I don’t know why I don’t have one yet, haha ​​?
The best thing is that they don’t take up a lot of space, they can be stored when necessary and still look great indoors and outdoors. I already want to spread several hooks around the house, how about you?

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