Restaurant Hélène Darroze

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Saturday I went to dinner at Restaurant Hénène Darroze. Hélène Darroze is one of the most celebrated female chefs in Paris, she is part of the 4th generation of a family of chefs specializing in the cuisine of southwest France. Although his restaurant is more than 10 years old and 1 star in the famous Michelain Guide, much is still debated about his cuisine, some people love others hate it, but even so his two restaurants in Paris always seem to be full and his staff very concentrated in their chores.
Dinner started with a roll and a butter seasoned with espellette pepper, a very fragrant and slightly sweet pepper, which has a controlled origin and is produced in the Basque Country. Soon after, thin slices of a Pata Negra jambon were sliced ​​on our table and served with a Champagne Rosé.
The menu, which consists of 7 dishes and 2 desserts, begins with an oyster tartare with caviar and a velé of green beans from Béarn. I am not the biggest fan of oysters in the world, but the tartare was very balanced and matched perfectly with the white wine that was served, a Bergerac sec 2011. Then, a fine carpaccio of wild trout from Adour with a cream was served. smoked haddock, lemon drops, capers and violet flowers; this was certainly one of the tastiest entrees I’ve ever eaten. The haddock cream was so delicate on the trout, but it popped into your mouth in such a pungent way that it even seemed to be on the plate as the main protein. If dinner was not going to continue, I would order 2 more of these: D.
helenedarroze1 The first dish served after starters it was the mascarpone ravioli with cauliflower, mussels and parsley broth and a Lautrec pink garlic emulsion, for me an impeccable dish, which was even more pronounced with the Alsace white wine, followed by a black risotto of octopus with chorizo, sun-dried tomatoes and Reggiano parmesan foam I guess I never thought octopus would go so well with parmesan and I was completely surprised.The third main course was a roast lobster with Tandoori, carrot mousseline and a peppered French chive cut and coriander; this was the best dish of the night for me, but I was already a little high and it was the only one I forgot to take a picture of – just this: / Then a brilliance with white asparagus, girolles and fresh almonds was served, and this was the only dish that I didn’t think was a big deal. being good, quite the opposite, was a super correct dish, but in the middle of those other delights that exploded in the mouth, this was an unnecessary dish. The last dish, as it should be, since Hélène Darroze is known for its famous foie grass, was a racan pigeon stew to the point of blood and flambé, with grilled foie gras, Guariguettes beets and strawberries and pepper broth Mexican, a unique and perfect combination to finish savory dishes.
helenedarroze2 The first dessert was a parfait of raspberry with Sarawak pepper, raspberry jam and crunchy made with campagne bread, everything fell apart in the mouth and the pepper further enhanced the taste of fresh raspberries, followed by a milk chocolate ganache with lemon zest and gianduia cream , which was delicious, but compared to the macaron de beurre salé with rhubarb and the verbena carolina with fresh strawberries that were served at the end, I don’t even know what to say, because that ending was categorical!

helenedarroze3 LOVED IT!
Restaurant Hélène Darroze is located at 4, Rue D`Assas, Paris.

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