Restaurante Casa Ramona – Sao Paulo

Restaurante Casa Ramona - Sao Paulo

I have lived in NY for five years (wow, as time goes by …) anyway, on my last trip to São Paulo I finally met Ramona.
First, I need to tell a brief story behind the scenes of Ramona – when the restaurant was being born, Ivan Finotti, my dear friend and partner in the house, came to New York looking for utensils and the like. We had a delicious afternoon of comings and goings to the specialty stores here to find all the beauty he needed. Listening to him talking enthusiastically about the ideas, the menu and the plans made me like Ramona without even knowing him.
This happened in 2012. Ramona was inaugurated in July of that same year and I was very curious to go in, see, sit, search, taste… finally, get to know! It was then that, finally, on this year’s vacation, passing through SP, Ramona presented himself to my eyes and palate on a Monday night and in the company (of course) of Finotti, host more than coveted.
My visit was beyond palatable, as I got to know the corners and the stories of this charming downtown restaurant. With tidy decor with a vintage feel, the atmosphere is cool and although small, it has a privileged view of Avenida São Luis with Consolação. Right at the entrance, a piano welcomes passers-by who want to strum it. The upholstered chairs / armchairs are super comfortable. And the soundtrack is a thousand notes, filled with classic rocks from beginning to end. I started the night getting to know the space better, listening to the stories of the water reading clock totally preserved in one of the basement bathrooms and the name given to the type of ceiling the place received. I had an idea of ​​the importance of preserving the identity that the building carries. I got to know the kitchen and its compartments and I was introduced to chef Bruno Fischetti, the “guy” who runs the kitchen and who has worked in Europe and at PJ Clarke’s restaurant before Ramona.
Already properly accommodated in the main hall, I started dinner with a delicious Kir Royal and tasting the most beautiful of the cocktails here: the Bloody Mary served with Bacon.
Ivan chose the juicy “Cheeseburguer Ramona” – flank hamburger covered with Canastre cheese, fried caipira egg with lettuce, house mayonnaise and persimmon tomatoes. And it is not the only option. There is also the vegetarian with mushrooms on potato bread and the “Rock off” with bacon, arugula and pickled jalapeno. Ah! And it is served with a generous portion of perfectly fried fries.
My choice (despite wanting to try the entire menu) was what is “my favorite” in any restaurant: Fusilli with four types of mushrooms, cottage cheese on top and fresh ciboulette… the pasta was on point and the cottage mix mushroom paste is a fun way to interact with the dish, and you can choose to eat it bit by bit with a fork or mix it completely with the dish, bringing greater creaminess and texture to it.
Well, I’m suspicious but I found the food there excellent. It is interesting to note the use of Brazilian ingredients in the menu, a contemporary trend and very important to spread the flavors of our land. And the options are so many that I can’t wait to go back and try something different.
For dessert, Ivan introduced me to the Pudding entitled “Simply the best milk pudding ever.” I couldn’t say if it really is the best of all, but it was fantastically creamy… and this one I want to repeat.
Important tips:

  • If you want to know more about Ramona, check out the website:
  • I saw in the reviews that the lunch time is very busy so if it is a large group, it is important to arrive early or make a reservation… besides, at lunch they have the option of executive dish, more affordable and as tasty as… and you can add starter and / or dessert paying a little extra. (worth it!!)
  • Night owls are safe here, as the kitchen is open until 2:00 am (from Wednesday to Saturday)
  • Another nice tip: they have numerous vegetarian options on the menu, for example, pink sweet potatoes baked with garlic and fresh coriander, zucchini discs baked with pear tomatoes, goat cheese and pennyroyal salt, grain salad al dente , red onion and fresh parsley, vegetarian hamburger, the fusilli that I tasted, pumpkin risotto, mini quiche stuffed with spicy quibebe, rice with lentils, fried onion and sauteed Chinese chard…. finally, the menu is all signed and is easy identify the right options according to your taste.

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