Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips

Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips

I think I never traveled as much as in 2017. I know that the year has already changed, but I could not fail to register here my impressions and Paulo’s impressions of each incredible place we visited! There were many new countries, many incredible vlogs and experiences that marked our lives too much.
We started the year with vlogs in Manaus where did we go to Presidente Figueiredo it’s at Mamiraua Reserve, in the middle of the Amazon Forest. The whole trip was intense, full of new flavors and beautiful scenery! The vlogs are there on the channel and, for those who want more details, just click here to see the full script.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
From there we left to Israel! It was definitely the place where I ate the most this year – and I don’t regret anything! In addition to the incredible cuisine, we Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, The Dead Sea, Masada, Nazareth… There are so many unmissable places in the country that it is difficult to define the most incredible of them. The vlogs are here and the script is also ?
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
At the end of our trip to Israel we couldn’t resist and went to Jordan. Despite the few hours there, it was a very intense day! After perrengue to cross the border, we managed to spend one night in the desert of Wadi Rum. The next day we went to know nothing less than Petra, one of the most amazing cities I have ever visited in my life.
The place looks like a movie set, really! To find out more about our trip there, just click here and watch the vlogs or see the complete itinerary on My Maps.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
And what to talk about our days in Southern Highway? Unfortunately we missed several days of recording, but we couldn’t help sharing the episodes that survived! Here on the site I also left some posts to make life easier for anyone who wants to know more about one of the most surprising trips we’ve ever taken. THE Chilean Patagonia it is definitely a place that everyone should know!
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips

And what to talk about Mallorca? The island is simply paradise! Who likes nature will surely love <3 The vlogs are wonderful, after all, with a landscape like this it is difficult to get ugly, haha! The script is also here on the website ?

Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Now, Menorca it was love at first sight! Wonderful beaches, super peaceful atmosphere, paradisiacal walks… It was one of my favorite trips of 2017, seriously! The vlogs are there on the channel and the full script on My Maps.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Leaving a romantic tropical destination for a perfect winter trip to do with friends: Campos do Jordão! The city is beautiful, it has options for those who like nature and for those who just love to enjoy the cold weather eating or relaxing. To know more details just click here to see the vlogs or check the script.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
In the middle of the year we stopped by Brasilia and we realized the dream of knowing the Veadeiros Plateau. The place is an incredible energy and needs to get into your Wishlist! The best? The tour is not expensive and you will be surprised by the wonderful landscapes. The complete script is also here ?
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Of course, we couldn’t end 2017 without going to one of the cities we’ve visited the most in recent years: The angels. LA is practically our second home and I never get tired of visiting new places there. We already have many posts here on the site about our favorite places, as well as a playlist stuffed on the channel.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
It was also in 2017 that we finally met San Diego. It is incredible that after so many years traveling to Los Angeles we had never stopped there. The city is cute, it has great options for Mexican restaurants and we definitely want to come back with more time. To check out the vlogs just click here! The complete script is also here on the website.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
And why not take the extra time in the United States to fulfill an old dream? That’s what we did when we decided to go through a stretch of the Route 66! Despite the few days on the road to Las Vegas, we were able to feel a little bit of the weather in this iconic location. The vlogs are super special and the script is also complete!
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Arrive at Las Vegas After so many years it was also a very remarkable time of the year, after all, I went to the city a lot when I was younger. This was Paulo’s first time there and of course we recorded everything for you – it even flew over Grand Canyon! For those on a scheduled trip, the itinerary with all the information is available.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Since we were close by, we decided to visit a special park in the USA: the death Valey! Despite the intense heat, the tour was really remarkable. Inhospitable landscapes and weather have certainly marked our year – and we love every second! There is a full post here on the site with travel tips and 4 vlogs over there ?
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Last but not least, we ended our road trip in San Francisco. In addition to the Golden Gate really being an impressive monument, the intense fog leaves the region with an extra charm. The two vlogs there were the last of the year and you will already see the full script here on the site.
Retrospective and Feedback: 2017 Trips
Are you curious to know what we like and what we like least in each of these destinations? Paulo and I set up a small questionnaire and gave our comments ?

Favorite trip

Dani: Route 66.
Paulo: Patagonia.

Destination that every Brazilian needs to go in 2018

Dani: Amazon.
Paulo: Veadeiros Plateau.

Travel that every foodie needs to do

Dani: Israel.
Paulo: Israel.

Trip everyone should take

Dani: Death Valey.
Paulo: Amazon.

Best cost / benefit

Dani: Chapada dos Veadeiros, not to mention the one with the best energy ever!
Paulo: Veadeiros Plateau.

The bluest sea

Dani: Menorca.
Paulo: Menorca.

The most exotic destination

Dani: Jordan – by the way, this is also a trip that everyone should take!
Paulo: Jordan.

Destination I spent perrengue

Dani: Death Valley due to the excessive heat and dryness, but in Menorca and Majorca I also spent a few nights because of the lack of vegetarian options. However, in none of these places do we go through an absurd perrengue.
Paulo: Patagonia, after all, we almost died!

Where I don’t intend to go back

Dani: Jerusalem. I liked it, but it’s a place to go once (at least for me). But of course I want to visit many other cities in Israel!
Paulo: Las Vegas was the least I liked, but I would still go back.

Travel we spend the most money on

Dani: Patagonia. We went in the New Year and all the hotels, car rental and tours were very expensive! I don’t know if it’s the same thing at other times, but be prepared.
Paulo: Patagonia.

City I liked the most

Dani: San Francisco.
Paul: Jerusalem.

Lost paradise

Dani: President Figueiredo.
Paulo: Villa O’higgins.
2018 has arrived and we want many more trips to account! Are you already planning a trip for this year?

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